Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up for the week of August 10

It's been a pretty quiet week (I LIKE quiet weeks but they don't lend themselves to great blogging, hee hee).

The weather has been AMAZING, cool . . . and perfect! I'm trying not to think about how this cool of an August bodes very NOT well for how cold it will be this winter . . .

We've been enjoying lots of time outside:

Riding bikes and scooters - the big girls just got new scooters, all 3 girls have been enjoying them!

Going for walks - awhile back we discovered that if you tear pink clover into the little "petals" (or whatever you want to call them) and throw them in the creek, the minnows LOVE to eat them. This week we added to our discovery by realizing that this does NOT work on days when the wind is blowing downstream, the minnows only live (in any quantity) on the upstream side of the bridge, when we threw the clover in, the wind blew it under the bridge before it even hit the ground, so while the minnows still probably enjoyed it, we didn't get to enjoy watching them eat it. . . this led nicely into a discussion with Little Bit about wind direction and water currents and a suggestion to watch the wind directions and try again another day when there isn't wind or when it's blowing upstream :)

Meeting friends at the park - I've participated, off and on, at Gentle Christian Mothers, and recently discovered that another mom there lives about 45 min from us and has daughters close to Little Bit's age. So we met at a park halfway in between and enjoyed a lovely afternoon letting the girls play while we chatted. The big girls joined our conversation part of the time and helped the little kids part of the time, so it all worked well, we're definitely looking forward to getting together again sometime!

Grilling - dh got a new grill earlier this summer so we've been enjoying grilling out in the cool evenings lately, YUM!

Visiting Grandmom - on Friday dh took the girls to visit Grandmom. They tell me they spent most of their time playing outside.  I have to admit, for me it was a HUGE blessing to have a day to be completely ALONE!  I mostly just reveled in the silence and aloneness :)

Playing in the rain - Little Bit enjoyed stomping puddles and otherwise playing in the rain a few times this week. Unfortunately, opening and closing her umbrella a gazillion and one times led to the handle falling off, sigh . . . (it was a cheap "paint your own" umbrella from Oriental Trading that I actually got when the twins were preschoolers but it was an extra that I (amazingly) found while unpacking, and she painted it awhile back). I suggested that she take a picture of it to save her "artwork" (she also campaigned to keep the top part and I agreed, for now . . . ) so this is the picture she took of Ashlyn holding it (because it won't stay open on it's own now.

I'll wrap-up this wrap-up (ha ha) with an update on dh. He's working full time, and overall doing well. But he's been having a lot of trouble with leg pain, I assume it's some form of "restless leg syndrome" (the girls giggle every time I say that, and insist that it sounds like a Doc McStuffin' sickness LOL), probably a side affect of no longer taking the pain meds he was taking after surgery, but it's making it almost impossible for him to sleep, so that's hard!

The one positive, when his legs start really bothering him, the only thing that seems to help is for him to walk, so he and I have been taking lots of late night (when it's worst) walks, the exercise is good for both of us, and we've been especially thankful for the cooler-than-normal temps that make the walks pleasant instead of muggy and miserable :)

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