Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up!

Our summer continues to be quiet and uneventful, just the way I like it! Much to Little Bit's frustration, her sisters have been reading tons. That leaves her to her own devices. She loves drawing, and playing with her magna tiles, and stuffed animals, and playing outside. She found the aprons that our neighbor made for Lexie and Ashlyn when they were around her age, and had fun trying them on. Needless to say, they fit her perfectly, so now she has two new aprons.

Last week our neighbors were on vacation so the girls helped with making sure their puppy didn't feel too lonely while her family was gone. A mutual friend was house/dog-sitting but the girls happily went over when she was at work.

A friend from church had her baby a week ago, Friday. The girls asked me multiple times a day when we could go visit the baby, and we were all more than happy to go over when they were ready for company.

Lexie, Ashlyn, and I each took a turn snuggling that newborn sweetness! Awww . . . there's nothing like it!

Little Bit is starting to read a tad. One afternoon she wanted to earn some "tokens" in the library reading program, so I pulled out some easy reading books I had from when the twins were her age. I was pretty sure she had a pretty good selection of sight words, despite never "learning to read" per se, and I was right. Between words she recognizes, and deductive reasoning from the pictures, she's definitely starting to read. Good thing I found a good sized stack of the easy books, because she likes to go through 10 at a time (that earns her 2 tokens at the library).

And some cute randomness. Ashlyn's cat, Moccasin has always had a thing for boxes, if we have any laying around, he's sure to find them and sleep on, or in them, but I had to laugh when I walked by and saw that he'd squished himself into this little box that I'd set by the basement door with some other stuff to go down to the basement. Silly cat.

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