Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wrapping Up the Last Week of Winter

We've been enjoying the spring-like weather this last week or so of winter (and now that we're to the first day of spring . . . Brrrrr!!) The girls are finally getting to enjoy our nice big yard and I'm trying to figure out how best to add a garden without detracting from the nice big open expanse of grass for playing in :) 

We also had our first grill out of the season. I think I want to move the grill to the back deck, but it works nicely on the front porch too. Either place is much more convenient than in the driveway at our old house, which involved carrying all the food down the back steps from the kitchen and carrying all the dirty dishes back up the steps afterward. 

Last fall we were supposed to take Lexie's rental violin in for a "check-up" but with moving and such (actually not only did WE move, but the violin shop moved too so things were hectic for all of us), one thing led to another and we FINALLY took her violin in week before last. As I suspected, he immediately confirmed that she had outgrown her 3/4 size and was ready for a full size. Which led to the discussion of renting vs buying. He showed her 3 different violins and she played them all but decided to think about it before making a final decision.

So, we went back in on Tuesday and after much playing of all the violins, and thinking she chose her violin and bow. The violin is approximately 100 years old, from Germany. The bow is also old, refurbished (apparently different bows sound different, and will sound different depending who's playing them. I have to admit, to my decidedly NOT musical ear, all the violins and bows sounded the same, so I was no help). Interestingly, from the first time she played the various violins, the shop owner said that this was the one that was the best fit for her, but she had to decide it for herself.

Thankfully we managed to do this while Mama and Papa were here, helping us get our old house ready to put on the market, so Little Bit got to spend the evening with Mama and Papa's undivided attention instead of being bored at the violin shop for the almost 2 hours that we were there.

Little Bit and I went to a friend's house during Lexie & Ashlyn's music lesson this week. The plan was to let Little Bit and her friend listen to the first Herb Fairies story, and then go hunt for Chickweed in their yard, but their attention span isn't long enough to listen through the whole story in one setting, and it was rainy so not a good day for harvesting. So they listened to part of it and then ran off to play.  Still a fun playdate, definitely preferable to Little Bit than grocery shopping during music lessons :)

Much to Ashlyn's delight, the same friend asked if we wanted to watch their dog on Wednesday. They were going to be out of the house all day and figured he'd rather come snuggle with us than be home alone. He got much love and attention :) And when they came to pick him up, Lexie got to show off her new violin, and Little Bit got to play with friends, so it worked out well for all of us :)

As soon as Little Bit decided on the American Girl doll she wants for her birthday, Lexie started talking about sewing doll clothes for it. She found patterns online of most of the original clothes (from when American Girl was owned by Pleasant Company), and spent a good bit of last week sewing Samantha's birthday dress. She got it done, all ready for Samantha to wear on Little Bit's birthday next weekend! Now she's busy again, working on Samantha's nightgown :)

I think that pretty much sums up our week. We finished the week off with the threat of snow, the perfect way to welcome spring, right?

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