Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - June 16

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It's funny how, even when things seem to be going sooo slowly in some ways, the weeks are still flying by in other ways. It seems like dh's surgery JUST Happened and now it's been a month! 

We had a few "milestones" this past week. 
  • DH decided to try walking to the neighbors. It was a stretch for his stamina, but he did it, AND if you look close, you can also see his BRIGHT PINK toenails, courtesy of Little Bit. He's such an awesome daddy!!!! 
  • Last week also marked the end of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy for him. He's still supposed to be doing the exercises, but they aren't coming to the house any more. The next step in "therapy" will be cardiac rehab after the surgeon says it's ok, which won't be until the end of the month or later. 
  • Thursday was his follow-up appointment with his cardiologist. It also happened to be meeting a new cardiologist because the one he's had for the last few years retired right before dh's surgery. So he met with a different doctor in the same practice. The cardiologist said that, considering all the complications he'd read about in dh's file, he was surprised that dh was up and walking around as well as he is. So I guess, even though recovery has seemed painfully slow to us, he's actually doing better than expected! The cardiologist said that his heart sounds excellent and everything seems to be healing properly. Beyond that, it sounded like he just wants to hold off on anything until after the surgeon releases him, then he wants to work on getting dh off most of the meds and, he reiterated that dh should definitely do the cardiac rehab. He also said that dh will be off work for at least a total of 8 weeks, which doesn't surprise me, since most people are off 8-12 weeks and dh's surgery was far from "textbook" :) 
The girls are enjoying a laid back school schedule, since I'm still spending time helping dh with things. They are continuing to LOVE the history we are reviewing, which has the added bonus of being fully independent :) My only complaint is that I'm not getting to learn along with them LOL. 

At the homeschool convention I went to right before surgery, I got Little Bit the Circle C Beginnings series. Her sisters have enjoyed the other books by that author, and actually we reviewed, and loved, one book in the Circle C Beginnings series when we were first starting to review products. As I expected, her sisters were enthusiastic about her getting to read these books, and Lexie immediately offered to read them to her. Ashlyn was happy to listen in, so the 3 of them have been "bonding" while Lexie reads these stories to Little Bit. They finished the series yesterday, so now they're on the hunt for other chapter books to read together :)

Ashlyn continues to love the grammar/writing curriculum that we're reviewing, though some "lessons" take longer than anticipated because she goes so far above and beyond what is assigned, LOL. She's loving it though, so whatever works!

For quite awhile now, Ashlyn's been bugging me to let her "harvest" and plant a whole slew of "spider plant babies" that were growing off of our bigger spider plants, this past week I also had gotten a couple herb plants that needed to be planted outside. So Friday, I suggested that she plant the herb plants in the flower bed, she jumped on the idea and recruited Little Bit to help her. Once the herbs were planted, she asked to take care of the spider plant babies, so I let her. We now have a shelf in our bathroom full of baby spider plants (if you live near me and want some, let me know! Spider plants are really good at cleaning toxins from the air and are practically impossible to kill, as evidenced by the fact that they're thriving at our house!). She continued on her "gardening" binge, by nagging me to help her transplant the aloe vera plant that has needed a bigger pot since before we moved to this house (yes, that was a year and a half ago). So we did that too, and discovered that it had 3 babies, so now, assuming they survive, we have 4 aloe vera plants, and they all have room to grow in their pots!

Needless to say, after all that gardening, Ashlyn and Little Bit were FILTHY, so I sent them straight to the shower/bath. Little Bit was enjoying being Ashlyn's "mini-me" so she took a shower instead of a bath, and then had Ashlyn wrap her hair in a towel. They wanted to show Daddy, but he was napping, so I took a picture instead :)

And to wrap-up this wrap-up (hee hee), I found a couple pictures that Little Bit had taken on the iPad earlier this month that I thought I'd share here :) 

Ever since we moved here I've tried to get a decent picture of the bookshelves my dad built instead of a banister for our stairs, and I could never get a good angle. I think Little Bit was sitting on the arm of my recliner, or perhaps on my shoulder when she took this, and other than being crooked, it actually shows the bookcase pretty well, so I thought I'd throw it in here :)

 And finally, after all that time of dh being in a bed or chair where I could just stand or sit near him and hold his hand, it was SOOOO nice to snuggle next to him on the couch, and rest for abit :)

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