Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - June 1

What a week! We started the week still in the hospital after dh's surgery! On Monday, the nurse practitioner told us he'd be there "a couple more days", so I headed up to my parents to see the girls. Little Bit was VERY excited to show me that Papa had gotten out the bigger bike and she was big enough for it!! She had great fun riding to Grandma's house and back. Now to find the training wheels for that size bike that's at our house :)

Tuesday morning dh called and said that they were discharging him THAT DAY! So I headed back to the hospital to get him. After a day of "hurry up and wait" we finally made it HOME!

While I was bringing Rodney home, my dad brought the girls home, and stayed to install our air conditioners (which he got installed just in time for the weather to cool off, so we haven't had to run them yet, woo-hoo!), and do a couple other projects, including picking up a new riding mower for us. The new one is safe for Lexie and Ashlyn to drive, and they spent part of Friday getting a start on the lawn, which thankfully wasn't too bad, thanks to our AWESOME neighbor who mowed for us, with the barely working old mower, while we were gone.

Dh continues to improve, though he feels like it's slow going. He's been enjoying the nice weather that lets him take daily walks back and forth on the driveway.

The Physical Therapist came on Thursday and also "assigned" him to go up and down our stairs once a day, and a couple other new exercises.

The girls have been grabbing as much outside time as possible, thankful to be home, and for the nice weather.

We're slowly figuring out a routine of meals and school and laundry and other such fun things, in between quite a few medical appointments, but thankfully so far all have been "home health". Last week we had visits from the home health nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist. Apparently this coming week we'll get one visit from the nurse and TWO visits each from the physical therapist and occupational therapist, though quite frankly, I'm not clear on what the occupational therapist plans to DO that often . . . she mentioned "teaching" him "self care" but the only aspects of "self care" that I'm helping him with are things that he can't do because it's not safe for him to do some normal bending and reaching motions while his sternum is healing. It seems silly to spend time "learning" to use a bunch of gadgets to do those activities (only about 3 things), when in another month or so, he'll be able to do them the normal way again. . . so we shall see . . . if she's not truly providing things he needs, my vote will be less interruptions in our days.

Because I can't leave dh alone yet, we enjoyed a quiet, truly RESTFUL Sabbath yesterday. It was LOVELY!!! To wake up on Sabbath and be able to enjoy my morning Bible time, and a leisurely cup of coffee while the breezes blew through the windows and the birds sang.

We had planned to watch some nature/religious videos for "church" but with the weather soooo gorgeous, the girls ate breakfast and headed outside! The rest of the day consisted of them playing outside, us eating simple meals, and just generally relaxing together!

The weather was PERFECT! Even DH spent some extra time outside, enjoying the swing in the gazebo part-way through his daily walk.

The girls spent a good part of the afternoon in the creek! Trying to catch minnows, wading, and who knows what! So I'll wrap-up this post with a few pictures of them enjoying the creek on a beautiful Sabbath afternoon!

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