Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up July 20

We keep getting closer and closer to "normal" around here. After getting the ok from his cardiologist, Rodney started back to work this week. He's theoretically easing back into things, and did work part days this past week, this coming week, he seems to have some busier days planned, so pray he doesn't overdo it. I'm thrilled to see him so much "back to normal" though! Praise God!!!!

On Tuesday, my aunt and uncle brought my grandma over for an afternoon. They were visiting her, in Maryland, and decided to bring her up here for a day. She seemed to enjoy it, and it's always awesome to spend time with family. (and somehow I didn't think to take any pictures, sigh . . . ).

One afternoon when the girls were bored they decided that Daddy needed purple hair (I don't remember why). So they got out the chalk pastels and started working on it.

And the finished product . . . more than the "purple highlights" I actually got a picture of him smiling!!!!

Another random moment from this week. We were snuggling on the sofa when the kids noticed. Lexie took the opportunity to snuggle too, and Little Bit said "awwww, how cute!" and grabbed the iPad and started snapping pictures, there were many outtakes, but this one didn't turn out too bad:

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