Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wrapping up the Last Two Weeks

I have no excuse for not posting last week. We weren't even that busy, just doing normal everyday stuff, but somehow it didn't happen, sigh . . . 

Then again, nothing much was happening so it wouldn't have been a very exciting blog post anyway LOL.

Ashlyn's been busy with her garden. If all the pepper and tomato plants survive, we'll be doing a LOT of canning and freezing LOL.

Our neighbor got some bamboo to use as stakes in her garden, and handed over the leafy tops to all the kids to build a "fort".  It took them 2 afternoons, but they got it built, and seemed to have fun doing it :) 

Corn came in at our local farm stand, so we've been happily eating corn every chance we get, yum!! The first day I brought home 13 ears (the farm stand sells it in  a "baker's dozen") and the girls told me I should have gotten more LOL.  That day the farmer also had some bananas he'd gotten from somewhere and wasn't sure what to do with, so we happily brought home a box full, chopped them up, and put 2 FULL gallon bagfuls in the freezer for "ice cream", yum!

Lexie's been reading the Bobsey Twins books to Little Bit (and Ashlyn's listening in). They think it's pretty fun that the twins in the books are 6 (Little Bit's age) and 12 (Lexie and Ashlyn's age) respectively. And that the description of 6 year old Flossie sounds an awful lot like Little Bit :)

A couple months ago I reserved the library's museum pass, which normally is available very quickly. For whatever reason there was a HUGE waiting list this time, so I FINALLY got it this week. We'd actually reserved it planning to go to an exhibit that was here in May, and is now gone, but since we had it, we decided to go ahead and go. They had a pretty cool art exhibit for kids that let the kids go "inside" the paintings in various ways. Little Bit had fun there for awhile.

Then Ashlyn suggested that we check out another temporary exhibit called "Maker Space" with no description as to what it was. Turns out it was citiblocks! With pictures of suggested things to build. Ashlyn decided to make the 200 block ship that was pictured, so we ended up being there a LONG time. Lexie was an awesome big sister and built with Little Bit, and built "houses" for Little Bit to use with her little animals, while we waited for Ashlyn to finish her ship.

It WAS pretty cool when it was finished!

We finished our week with Independence Day. We had potluck after church and the kids all had fun playing for awhile after that. Then that afternoon a friend texted and invited us over to cook out and do some fireworks so we went over there for the evening. We had a great time! Yummy food, lots of talking, and Little Bit got a turn at being the "big kid" since their kids are 4 & 2. The 2 year old really latched onto her and was dragging her around the yard showing her things. She's been saying for years that she wants a little brother, so she was more than happy to play the big sister. And then, to add to the fun, Mr. Jeff took them for rides in the wheelbarrow. If the delighted squeals and laughter was any indication it was the most fun ever! Once it got dark, we had more fun with sparklers and some firecrackers :) 

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