Sunday, September 3, 2017

Starting Our Trip

We've been talking about doing a " Little House" trip since we started homeschooling . And on Thursday, August 24, we started.

The girls and I had the car loaded, ready to leave first thing that morning for my parents' house. We got there, loaded our stuff into the motorhome, helped mom and dad finish loading their stuff and headed out.

We drove from WV to PA to OH that day. Got to the campground and got set up and fixed supper. By the time we'd cleaned up from supper it was bedtime.

Friday we went to the First Ladies Library and toured Mrs. McKinley's house. The girls and Mom got their Junior Rangers.

The exhibit was reproductions of some of the first ladies' inauguration gowns which would be more exciting if we hadn't recently gone to Smithsonian and seen all the originals. What was interesting is apparently a perfume company made smaller reproductions of many of the gowns to use in their dept store displays and there were a bunch of those on display.

McKinley's house (technically Mrs. McKinley's sister's house but the McKinleys lived there) was interesting. A 3rd floor was added later and they put some odd sized closet doors in to accommodate stairwells and roof lines.

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