Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another fun giveaway (or several)

When I was a baby, my mom ruined me for life! I was sitting on her lap while she ate Baskin Robbins ice cream and she let me have a bite, fully expecting me to be a normal child & make a face at the cold, but nope, I ate that bite & opened my mouth up for more. And I've been addicted to ice cream ever since, I blame mom! :)

And now, Momsational is holding a drawing for free Baskin Robbins ice cream, yummmm!

And that's not all. Mom's View is giving away all kinds of fun stuff right now. You can enter to win Think blocks (we need more toys like a hole in the head, but these look like they'd be a great educational tool, so they don't count right?). Or if you have kids who love games as much as mine do, what could be better than winning a Haba Little Garden Pegging Game? And finally, I've loved the concept of Pedipeds for years, but there's that whole money thing, now there's a chance to win a pair for free, check them out here!

Sassyfrazz is giving away a custom designed tu-tu.

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Sassyfrazz said...

Thanks for stopping by to enter the contest! Also, Thanks for the link up! I will have 2 more amazing contests this next sure to stop by! :)