Thursday, May 29, 2014

We're HOME!!!

Monday, the Nurse Practitioner told us that she felt dh should stay in the hospital "a couple more days" to continue drawing off fluids and make sure the cough was gone. So, we decided it made sense for me to head up to my parents' house to see the girls.

Tuesday morning I'd just put laundry in, and the girls and I were getting ready to head to a friend's house when dh called and said they were doing the paperwork to discharge him that day! UUURRGGH! While we were THRILLED to go home, the girls were pretty disappointed to not get to see our friends, and I was frustrated at the inaccurate information. Still, it was, what it was, so I quickly re-packed, arranged for my mom to finish the current laundry and send it home with the girls when my dad brought them home (he planned to leave to bring them up once we were actually on our way home, just in case there was a last minute change of plans), and headed back to the hospital, where we sat around waiting for a few more hours before finally heading home Tuesday afternoon!

Got home, my dad and the girls got here, my dad did a couple projects around here that we needed one, and headed home yesterday afternoon.

We've settled in nicely. Still trying to find a new normal, in between visits from the home health nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist, but we're getting there . . .

As you can see above, dh is even taking walks outside (otherwise, his daily "walks" would be an awful lot of pacing up and down our living room LOL)! Soo good to be home! While dh still feels "foggy" from the anesthesia and/or meds he's on, he continues to improve, and did I mention, it's good to be HOME!

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