Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Advent Wreath

Jenn at Simblissity, is blogging about Advent this year, and has a link-up for pictures of Advent Wreaths, so I thought I'd join in.

The first year we did an Advent wreath, I got a simple metal ring, like this at a craft store and we added greenery and ribbons to it. Then at some point I found our current one at Goodwill. I LOVE it! And while some years we will, no doubt, go the greenery and ribbon route again, a huge advantage of this one is it can be easily moved around, now that we don't have a stationary table (our house is small, and there isn't a good place for a dining room table, even a small one, without impeding "traffic flow", so we have a drop-leaf table that can fold down to a "sideboard" when not in use, it's working well for us, but means that the table gets slid around depending on how big we need it).

This year we are reading Tabitha's Travels for Advent. We've read Jotham's Journey and Bartholomew's Passage in the past. There are some areas in all the books where western ideas take away from the accuracy, but overall we enjoy the books.

Previously, we've used our Advent reading for school time Bible in the morning, but this year, I didn't want to take a whole month off from Bible Road Trip, and couldn't figure out a way to make a daily continued story work when our neighbor, E, joins us for school 4 days a week. 

So, we decided this year, to have an afternoon tea party each day and light our Advent candle and read our story then. Little Bit isn't very into the story yet, but she's liking having tea and some type of "treat" each day. Once her tea and treat is done, she usually goes off to play while I finish reading to the big girls. They are thrilled with it all, it's even helping to motivate them to help keep things tidier around here, since we can't very well have a tea party if we can't "find" the table, LOL.

Don't forget to stop by Jenn's blog to see everyone else's Advent wreaths!

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Jenn H. said...

Oh, I love this! I've never seen a wreath like that. It is very pretty. I also love the advent calendar in the background. What a cute idea!

On my site, I have a day dedicated to the advent calendar. I would love to link to yours if you wanted to do a post describing it. Ooh! We should do a link-up for Advent Calendars! *gears turning*