Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - April 6

I THINK Spring might finally be here!! About freakin' time!!

We had a kind of laid back week . . . Lexie was sick the first day or two, Lina was never "sick" but wasn't eating or sleeping like normal, so something was "off".  . .

The girls grabbed lots of outside time during the wonderful spring weather!!! They're finally getting a chance to play with the game of Graces that we got last fall in Williamsburg, and gave them as a Hanukkah gift this year.

I don't think Little Bit has quite mastered the art of throwing and catching the hoop, using the sticks, but she's quite skilled at running after the hoop when her sisters miss :)

There was also lots of basketball, they even got Daddy to shoot a few hoops with them, and some bike riding and such.

Little Bit also had earned enough "points" for doing chores, to have a "date" with Mommy or Daddy. She has been looking forward to this for awhile now, and knew exactly what she wanted! She wanted Daddy to take her to Chuck E Cheese!!!! BUT . . . that's no fun alone, so she declared Lexie to be her "slave" (yes, those were her words, sigh . . .) to come along and earn tickets LOL.  So that's what they did. And the icing on the cake, so to speak, was that she ended up with enough tickets to get COTTON CANDY as her prize :) At least it's consumable :) And she was generous about sharing it with her sisters, so it worked well all around. But Rodney said it was humorous to see how big her eyes got when she realized she could get COTTON CANDY!!! :)

This time of year, we always tend to back off abit on school, to leave time for plenty of outside play, and I've decided that the idea of "spring cleaning" is absurd . . . neither the girls NOR I want to be stuck in the house doing extra CLEANING when it's lovely outside! I did happily take advantage of good weather to hang clothes outside to dry, after using drying lines in the basement almost exclusively this winter, to do some extra loads of bedding and such :)

We're enjoying some review product - audios, to keep us entertained in the car whenever we go somewhere, and the girls continue to enjoy their art curriculum. But we've slowed down in most things for a bit here while the weather is good/

We wrapped up our week, with a quick trip to my parents' house. The church school that I attended for 3rd-8th grade was having a "40th anniversary" Sabbath, so I wanted to see who I could see. It was fun! And, while the girls weren't tooo terribly excited about the prospect, and Little Bit wasn't overly thrilled with the day, other than getting to run countless laps around the school gymnasium LOL, the older girls seemed to have fun getting to know some of my old friends, and "Uncle Dan's teacher", who they are now convinced knows EVERYONE in the world! Because he has so many awesome stories :)

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