Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In Which I Play Catch-Up . . .

So, I'm not doing so well at keeping up with blogging these days . . . I thought I'd post a few random pictures from the last month or so, and try to mention things I've missed . . . 

November snow . . . we didn't get much, as you can see, and (thankfully) it didn't last long, but it was just enough for the kids to do a little sledding.  Since last winter we didn't have any "playable" snow (the only snow we got was the October snow storm that also knocked out power, so they couldn't play in it because we had no way to get them warm again if they went out and got cold), this was really her first time playing in the snow, she loved it! 

Little Bit was so excited to use her "berry own sled!"  Last summer when Pastor Mike and Miss Linda moved away, they gave us the sleds their boys had outgrown. When Little Bit noticed the sleds and realized that there was a saucer sled, and big sisters already each HAD a saucer sled, she was SOOO excited to realize that made the new (to us) saucer sled HERS! After learning the ropes by sledding with her sisters, she happily used HER sled all by herself.

Little Bit is enjoying playing dress-up these days, and boy does she come up with some fun combinations . . . This was one of my favorites. Actually, my favorite is this get-up minus the jammies, but those aren't really pictures I want on the internet, so we'll stick with this version.  Don't mind the mess, our house is a maze of boxes, thanks to the whole moving thing . . . So, in this particular instance she's wearing Dora jammies, pink crocs,  a pink and black tutu, pink fairy wings, and of course, sun glasses. Three is such a fun age (most of the time)!

We've finally convinced Little Bit to try out the balance bike she got when she was 2. She's still abit nervous about it, but when she's in the right mood, she enjoys it. We're looking forward to the flat driveway at the new house, that will make bike riding easier for all 3 of the girls, this house just does NOT have anywhere to ride. I think part of what makes Little Bit so nervous about the balance bike is how uneven the patio space is. The cement is terribly cracked and broken. It will be fun to see if she "takes off" on her bike riding once we have a better space for it.
So those are our random updates. We are hoping to have closing on the new house in another week or so, and then things will be SUPER busy for awhile, before (hopefully) settling into a new routine.

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