Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - December 15

This past week could pretty much be summed up as . . . SNOW! It snowed on Sunday, it snowed MORE on Tuesday, and then it stayed below freezing all week, so the snow STAYED (that's soo not the norm here. Snow at ALL before Christmas is pretty rare, snow that sticks around is ALWAYS rare) . . . and THEN, it snowed AGAIN all afternoon on Saturday!!!!

Much to the girls' frustration, because it stayed well below freezing, the snow was super powdery, and not good for much.

That said, they did spend a good part of Tuesday outside (before the temps dropped to bitterly cold), and built a snow fort, that they continued to play with the rest of the week.

Other than snow . . .

Monday evening, our friend, Denise treated Lexie and Ashlyn to a WONDERFUL evening at Longwood Gardens. They had a BLAST!! Got home chattering a mile a minute about how fun it was, and continue to talk about it. It was definitely the highlight of the week for them!

Otherwise, not a lot going on. We're staying busy with school and such. We're really enjoying our Advent Tea each afternoon. So much, that we've decided to continue having afternoon tea after Christmas. It's a great way to slow down, reconnect, and have some mid-afternoon read aloud time!

During Hanukkah, one of the things the "fairies" did this year was to bring some gel snowflakes for the girls to put on the windows. Ashlyn put half on one side of our big front window and Little Bit put the other half on the other side. She (Little Bit) has proceeded to rearrange those silly snowflakes every day! I never thought a silly $1 pack of gel snowflakes would entertain her for SOO long, but she loves them!

Sabbath School this week included having the kids act out the Christmas story. I was busy reading the story, but another mom took pictures, so I'll post them when I get copies from her, but it was ADORABLE! The curriculum we use tends to assume a large class, so I often have to be creative to adapt it to work when I can only count on 2 kids (Little Bit and J), though sometimes we have 2-3 others. This week's program was no exception. . . As usual, my adaptation means roping my "helpers" (otherwise known as Lexie and Ashlyn) into filling in for the kids we don't have. To start out, I gave Little Bit and J the choice of characters (Mary, Joseph, or 2 shepherds).  They chose to be the shepherds, so Lexie and Ashlyn got to be Joseph and Mary. Then I told the little ones they needed to ALSO be the wisemen. They did GREAT!

Then we headed home and hibernated through the afternoon/evening snow storm :)

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