Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - July 28

We had a busy week! On Sunday, my uncle called, he was visiting my grandma and, having heard that she enjoyed coming up to visit us the previous week, he asked if he could bring her up while he was visiting as well. So Uncle David and Grandma came to visit on Monday. It was nice to see them, and Grandma seemed to, again, enjoy the change of scenery :)

Now that Rodney's back to work, he's been making up for lost time, by visiting various clients. When he got home Monday evening, he asked if the big girls could go with him on Wednesday. He was going back to the same place he'd been on Monday and the treasurer he was working with had had her toddler with her. He figured Lexie and Ashlyn would have fun playing with a toddler, and it would be easier for him to finish his work if the treasurer he was working with had fewer distractions. A win-win!

Little Bit was less than thrilled to hear the plans, but we succeeded in "selling her" on the idea of a day alone with Mommy. A few weeks ago, she got a coupon for a free ice cream at Chik-fil-a from the library reading program, so we figured this would be a good day to use that coupon. Also, as she starts to do more school along with us, we realized that, while she LOVES her hello kitty backpack, if she's going to use a backpack for her school stuff, like her sisters do, she needed a slightly large one, so that her clipboard and other 9x11 things would fit. So, around lunchtime, she and I headed out. My plan was that we'd go to Chik-fil-a for a light lunch AND ice cream, then to Target to look at backpacks (and get a few other things I needed). But when we pulled into the parking lot there was no parking and I could tell through the windows that the restaurant was PACKED! (I discovered later they were having a fund raiser of some sort). So I suggested to Little Bit that we go somewhere else for lunch and then come for ice cream later. She agreed and I headed to Panera, because it's close by. She was SOO excited to get to go to a restaurant with a "buzzer" (the little blinky lights thing they give you to know when your order is ready). She also happily picked a table for 2, because we never get to sit at those! She chattered away at me all during lunch, and all through Target, where she picked out  a nice purple backpack that will hopefully last her several years and THEN we went back to Chik-fil-a (after a warning that if it was still too crowded we'd have to go another time). Thankfully, it wasn't crowded so she got her ice cream, on a cone, with SPRINKLES! And AGAIN got to choose a table for TWO people (because we're a family of 2 today), and chattered away at me all through the ice cream.  There was an older couple sitting near us when we sat down and I noticed that the man was enjoying watching Little Bit's animated chatter and messy enjoyment of her ice cream. As he was leaving he came over and gave her a coupon for ANOTHER free ice cream cone! She's thrilled . . .  I'm back to my original conundrum of, buy ice cream for the other kids or find a time to take just Little Bit LOL.

So that was our day of just us two!  The big girls said they had fun playing with the toddler who never sat still, hee hee. And even got a little school work done when the toddler wasn't there :)

Those were the highlights from this week. And this week's random picture. Moccasin, the cat was in the chair and Little Bit climbed up beside him. When he didn't jump down and run away, she HAD to have her picture taken :)

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