Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day in Our Life . . .

The final week of the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop is "Day-in-the-Life" week!

I don't think we've ever had a day go completely according to schedule, and this week is no different . . . I started to take pictures on Monday and then realized it was going to be a no school kind of day . . . oops! So, we ended up going with Tuesday as our DAY . . . I'm not good about remembering to take pictures of EVERYTHING so there are some gaps, but you'll get the idea . . .

So come along and enjoy a glimpse of our days . . .

Most mornings, once everyone's up and dressed we do chores, but Tuesday is our "catch up day" and we're semi-caught up so we took a break from chores today. Ashlyn got breakfast in the oven, then sat down to work on history on the computer while breakfast baked.

Meanwhile, while Ashlyn was making breakfast, Lexie and Little Bit went out to get some scootering in.

Breakfast is served . . . "birds nests" yummy!
While Ashlyn cleaned up from breakfast, Lexie read to Little Bit (normally that happens during breakfast prep but since they were outside I let them get some wiggles out).
 After breakfast, and clean-up, we did Bible. Sometimes we go upstairs, today we stayed in the living room. The girls drew pictures for their notebooking page while I read to them.
The rest of the morning, in no particular order, included . . .

 There was a moth fluttering around inside our house. Ashlyn captured it in a jar and she and Little Bit were looking up on the iPad to figure out what kind it was, and stuff.

 One of Little Bit's current favorite independent activity is playing with Thinking Putty.

 Lexie's turn working on history.

My "outside time" each day is hanging laundry :)

After lunch we headed to the library and Target. I wanted to get that over with, so we left the kitchen looking like this *blush*
When we got home I tackled the dishes while the kids did independent stuff . . . the kitchen CAN look like this, at least for brief moments of time . . .
Couldn't resist snapping a picture of Lexie when she sat down on the sofa by my chair to ask me a question :)

Both girls practiced their music in the afternoon, I was in the middle of other stuff and didn't go upstairs to get a picture of Lexie and her violin.

Don't mind the window that desperately needs to be cleaned, but I had to include this picture. Joy has learned that if he jumps up on the kitchen window we can see him from the kitchen and living room and are more likely to actually let him in.

 After hitting Goodwill for clothes on Monday, and Target for the pieces that we couldn't find at Goodwill this afternoon, the big girls were inspired to clear out/arrange their closet and dresser. Since they were both busy with that, and not fighting about it, I let them keep working on that instead of doing the normal tidying and sweeping that we do late afternoon.

 Time for Lexie to start on supper
 After supper, Ashlyn went out to water her plants while Lexie and I cleaned up from supper.
 Then all 3 girls took advantage of the cooler evening temperatures to get some more scootering in:

 Storytime . . . Little Bit was watching videos on the iPad while the rest of us listened to an audiobook.

Then we headed upstairs to bed. Ashlyn finished up a little more of her knitting project while . . .

Lexie read Little Bit her bedtime story

And then it was lights out and bedtime . . .

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Your family is precious. Love this post.