Monday, January 19, 2015

Pictures with Friends

My friend M, sent me some pictures from our day at their house last Thursday. Since I didn't get them in time to include in the Weekly Wrap-up, I'm sharing them here :)

I love this shot, of everyone sprawled all over the family room working on various craft projects. Lexie was there too, she just didn't make it into the picture. M had a book that showed how to draw all kinds of animal pictures from tracing your hand(s).

Later in the day, Lexie taught M to knit. He already knows how to crochet, so picked up the basics pretty quickly. When I walked by while they were both knitting, Lexie grinned at me and said "we're talking and knitting, 2 of my favorite things!" LOL.  Meanwhile, Ashlyn and N were crocheting, but not talking much, in the next room. And Little Bit and younger M were chasing each other in a big circle through both rooms, and the kitchen, so everyone was having a great time :)

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