Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Belatedly Wrapping Up Last Week

After all the activities of the previous week, last week was pretty boring. . . but needless to say, we needed to recuperate a bit :)

We headed home from Mama and Papa's on Sunday and dove into all the fun stuff like unpacking and catching up on stuff around the house.

Little Bit came downstairs one morning, and announced she was "Mini Lexie" she'd managed to find an almost perfect match to Lexie's outfit (pink shirt and brown skirt) and changed into it all on her own. She was so proud of herself :)

On Tuesday the big girls went with Daddy to help Grandmom move back home from the rehab center where she'd been recovering from an illness. It was a rather frustrating day for them all with some confusion as to whether or not Grandmom would be released, and then, finally she was released just as Rodney and the girls were getting ready to head home. Rodney said Lexie and Ashlyn were amazing helpers at getting Grandmom's stuff packed quickly so they could help move her home without getting home too too much later than planned.

Meanwhile, Little Bit and I had a day for just the two of us. Early on she asked if she could do art and as I was getting things ready I noticed that the table was in desperate need of a thorough scrubbing. There were stains from both food and previous art projects all over it! So, I shifted gears and asked if she'd like to "make snow" since it was a hot day. She readily agreed and I got out the baking soda and a can of shaving cream and turned her loose. It took her a little while to get past the "eww this feels weird" stage, but once she got into it she had a blast! Seriously spent most of the day playing with it. She got a bunch of her plastic animals out and used them in it and just had fun molding it, adding more shaving cream to it, and generally having a ball. I ended up leaving it out all week and she played with it every day! Note to self, definitely need to be intentional about providing more sensory play options for her :-)

I have to admit, I was abit nervous about music lessons. The girls hadn't practiced as much as usual with all our running around, and Lexie is preparing for her end of book 1 recital. But, apparently slacking off was just what she needed. Her teacher said she played through the whole recital with almost no mistakes!! Woo-hoo!

The weather was great, so we stopped at a park near the music teacher's house and enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading home.

Friday's project was gardening. We have two small cement block raised beds. One we'd already burned a bunch of brush in that one and had a good layer of ash in the bottom so Ashlyn finished prepping that bed with a layer of grass clippings and then a thick layer of last year's compost. Meanwhile we burned a bunch more brush in the other bed to start getting it ready.

And to wrap up this wrap-up . . . a fun selfie with 2/3 of my girlie girls :)

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