Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wrapping Up the First Week of August

Another quiet week . . .

Ashlyn's excited to be harvesting cucumbers and a few tomatoes from her garden.

Little Bit got to hold our friends' new baby when we were over there this week. Soo sweet! Somehow, even though she's bigger, and older, than the twins were when she was born, I was more nervous having her hold the baby . . . maybe because she's my baby, she's not supposed to be that grown up yet (just don't tell her that, she doesn't like it, hee hee).

Lexie decided to read Harry Potter this summer and once she was addicted, she told Ashlyn she had to read them too so that we could watch the movies (I have a hard and fast "you can't watch the movie till you've read the book" rule). So last week Lexie finished the series and Ashlyn is now addicted as well. As a special "big kid treat", once Ashlyn had finished the first book, I borrowed the DVD from the library and we stayed up late to watch it  after Little Bit was asleep (because it would have been too scary for her). Needless to say, we had a slow start the next morning, but it was fun :)

We wrapped up our week with a visit from Mama and Papa, and grilling corn from my brother's garden, yum!!!

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