Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wrapping Up the Week of October 4

Ummm . . . combination of not taking any pictures last week, and being very firmly in "hurry up and wait" land with the new house . . . I have NO idea what we did last week. . . 

We had a playdate with friends on Tuesday afternoon. the kids had fun playing outside and putting on a play for us. 

My parents were here working on painting the garage roof. 

I started packing. . . I love open floor plans, but the downside is, there's no good place to stack boxes that I've packed. . . so our house is even more cluttered and chaotic feeling than usual now, but much as it doesn't look like it, I AM making progress.

We had co-op on Wednesday. Little Bit continues to enjoy it. She was singing songs from Musik Garden the rest of the week. 

Sabbath was "Jean Sabbath", when we do various projects to help others in the afternoon. We went with a group to the Boys & Girls Club downtown and did a craft with the kids and played games in the gym. The turnout was great, and the kids were well-behaved but loud (made worse by the fact that the room where we do the craft is all hard surfaces so the acoustics are horrible (or maybe they're great, however you want to look at it . . . it magnifies the sound dramatically!). Little Bit struggled some with the craft and was in tears over it, which isn't like her. Thinking about it later, I think the volume was too much for her . . . the organizers were talking about possibly splitting the group in half next time, do craft with half the kids while the other half does games in the gym, then switch. Which will help, but I think I'll also talk to her before next month and suggest that if it's too loud and overwhelming she can go up to the gym with Daddy, and we can do the craft later at home. Or, see if she'd rather pass out lunches downtown instead. Other than that minor hiccup, it was great to see such an awesome turnout and the kids seemed to have fun. 

I have to admit, by the time we got home from that, I was more than peopled out. Little Bit wanted to go for a walk in the afternoon, and the weather was GORGEOUS so we did that. I think getting out in the quiet was good for both of us :) 

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