Sunday, December 13, 2015

So apparently I do monthly wrap-ups now!

And what a month it has been! Hard to believe that's what things looked like a month ago! I think for now I'll just do another picture summary of what's going on. Maybe soon I'll find the time to actually write . . .

The rest of November . . .

First Shabbat in our new house. So nice to have room for a dining room table again! I had no idea I'd miss it so much.

The sun room was the first room that felt completely "done". Definitely a favorite space!

My dad was here, building us a laundry room on his 70th birthday so, Lexie and Mama surprised him by making his favorite meal. A German dish his grandmother used to make called Kase Knudel (translation: cheese dumplings). It's a bunch of work. Lexie and Mama were well into the process before he noticed what they were doing. The look on his face was priceless!!! And we all enjoyed the yummy meal!

We finished our celebration with his favorite cake, decorated by Little Bit.

Little Bit continues to enjoy co-op. A big hit in November was D's new "gator" all the kids had great fun driving it around!

Our church had a float in our city's Christmas parade again this year. The float's theme this year was "Around the World" so the kids got to dress up (I didn't think to take a close-up of Little Bit's costume) and ride on the float with a giant, 6 foot globe.

Lexie and Saydee

Our pastor asked if we'd be willing to watch their dog, Saydee while they were gone for Thanksgiving. Saydee is the dog that started Ashlyn's dog obsession last spring, so needless to say, we said yes. She's such a sweetie ,and looked just perfect sleeping in her bed in front of our fireplace. 

We finished up November by decorating for Christmas. Ashlyn had just put the candles in the windows, when I went upstairs and found Joy posing with the candle in our bedroom window.

Think I'll do a separate post for December pictures . . . 

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