Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wrapping up Last Week, Including Lexie and Ashlyn's 13th Birthday

Technically speaking, we celebrated all three birthdays on Sabbath. But in reality, since it was Little Bit's actual birthday, and she's much more into being the center of attention, it was mostly about her.

When I asked Lexie and Ashlyn how they wanted to celebrate their birthday (on Monday), they didn't have any major requests. Lexie decided she was going to make cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast, and was so excited when it turned out great! Lexie also wanted to make meltaway cabbage for lunch, and Ashlyn requested beans and rice for supper. I had to laugh when I looked at my menu calendar and realized that the normal menu for Monday was . . . meltaway cabbage for lunch and beans and rice for supper. Guess I don't have to worry about my kids getting bored with our normal menus when they request the same things LOL.

Two thirteen year olds and their cats! Monday was a nice quiet day at home. The girls read, and did some school, and snuggled their cats LOL.  Lexie's birthday gift was part of the cost of her new violin, and a couple weeks ago Ashlyn asked for a set of caligraphy pens and picked out what she wanted last time we were at a craft store, but she also requested some Lord of the Rings Legos. I have to admit, having Amazon Prime has made me lazy. I procrastinated, figuring I could order them a few days before their birthday and get the 2 day shipping. Only to realize that in this case, other sellers were a good $10+ cheaper, including shipping, but NOT the 2 day shipping of Prime. So I told Ashlyn that I'd ordered her Legos, but they'd be getting here late. Monday morning I was sitting in the sunroom and noticed a box by the back door (I think our postman makes a game out of putting packages by different doors every time he delivers something too large to fit in the mailbox). 

I went to get it, and it was the Legos! So I left the box in the laundry room and when Ashlyn walked through the kitchen I casually mentioned there was a box for her on the freezer. She and Lexie spent a good part of the afternoon putting "Weathertop" together.

Tuesday was music lessons. Wednesday was co-op, and an afternoon of yard work at our old house (it will hopefully be on the market very soon!). 

Friday while we were doing school in the living room, one of Ashlyn's cats, MiLady Underfoot, came around the corner with a dead rabbit dangling out of her mouth! EEK! I'm beginning to re-think my plan of leaving the garage door open enough that the cats can come and go as they please when the weather is good. I love that they can come and go as they please without us having to let them in and out, but I do NOT love them bringing dead critters into my house! Ashlyn tried to catch her to put her outside, but she went back through the cat door into the garage and we decided it was easier to just let her eat the rabbit in the garage.

A little while later I walked past the laundry room and saw MiLady sitting in the doorway with a dead rabbit on the floor next to her. As I called Ashlyn to come get the rabbit OUT OF MY HOUSE, Little Bit, went a little closer and said "Mommy, it's foot moved!" figured she was imagining things, assuming it was the same dead rabbit she'd had earlier and she'd just brought it BACK into the house. But when Ashlyn went to get it, sure enough . . . this one was ALIVE! And appeared to be unhurt. The girls thought we should keep it, but I vetoed that idea and Ashlyn took it back outside and let it go. 
We finished up our week with Little Bit's first week in Primary Sabbath School. She was a bit nervous about the change, but when Sabbath School was over, she came bubbling into the Kindergarten room where I was cleaning up. She had a BLAST, it was the best class ever! She loved it, and can't wait for next week. Whew! My baby's growing up . . . :) 
Little Bit and her cat, Joy

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