Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Week's Wrap-Up

We didn't do much "school" this week. Monday & Tuesday the girls were literally outside ALL DAY playing in the snow. And yes, I consider that much more important for 5 yr olds than doing history & reading lessons & such :) Wednesday we did a partial school day, but I honestly can't remember why it was only a partial day, I just know we didn't read any history this week LOL.

We also made time for tea parties a couple days this week.

Thursday we spent the morning packing & otherwise getting ready to leave for Mama & Papa' house. We got to their office in time for Papa to give the girls a tour of the Bindery, Press room, etc (Mama & Papa work at the Review & Herald Publishing Association). For our tea parties right now I'm reading out of a devotional book written by a good friend of mine & the girls were very interested in how Miss Vicki could have a REAL BOOK with a HARD COVER, so that reminded me that for the last 2 years I've been meaning to get Papa to take them on a tour of the R&H, they've grown up running around the office part of the building, visiting various of Mama & Papa's (and Mommy's) friends who work there, but had never been back to the bindery, press room & warehouse (well, when they were babies, we regularly took them to the postage scale in shipping to weigh them, but they don't remember that LOL). So, that was our educational experience for that day. Then Papa took them home with him while Mama & I ran over to the Children's Place outlet where we found winter coats (for next winter, though they decided they wanted to start wearing them now) for $12 & some other lovely bargains :)

Friday we visited some friends and just kind of hung out.

I came down w/ a stomach bug during the night Fri night, that wiped me out for Sabbath, but the girls had fun running around Harpers Ferry with Mama & Papa while I recovered.

Today, the girls spent a good part of the day doing "art" projects. Water colors, lots of tape, lots of paper, cut into tiny pieces, lots of ribbon . . . they had great fun LOL.

We head home in the morning.

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