Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Word Pictures for a Snowy Sabbath

Word Pictures because I didn't want to risk "ruining the moment" by finding/using a camera. . .

First, the picture that greets me most mornings now, I hope it continues:

Starting last fall I'd suggested, w/ varying success, that the girls spend a couple minutes praying each morning when they woke up. It generally took a reminder from me for it to happen though. And then, once they got their own Bibles for Christmas, I suggested that they could also read one verse (they still struggle over each word, I don't want this to be a burden, but rather a start of a life-long habit) out of the Bible each morning as well. And I included this activity in the new chore system we're using, and THAT seems to have finally gotten them both at least started into the habit. But apparently A still struggles over some of the words more than L does (I don't notice this discrepancy when reading with them other times, but whatever . . . it may just be A gets frustrated too quickly & would rather have L tell her what the harder words are, but as long as they're both happy, I don't care, this isn't reading class afterall!), so the last few mornings as I've walked by their door on my way to the bathroom (yes, I hate mornings & don't get up until I have to (which means I hear them up)) I've seen the 2 of them together on A's bed, heads hunched together over the Bible!! I LOVE seeing that in the morning, and sometime might have to risk snapping a picture to remember it by :)

And now, abit about our morning. We woke up to snow-covered driveway/road & more snow coming down & forecast saying snow would continue all day, so we decided to play it safe & stay home, with the promise to the girls that we'd have Sabbath School at home. As it is, there's been very little snow & we would've been fine, but oh well. . .

And so this morning A & L had Sabbath School for us. We sang songs, and then I read them the Gracelink story that would've been the first part of the program if we'd been there. And then they told us the My Bible First lesson story. It was the story of the Good Samaritan and they told it quite well :) It was a pretty good little Sabbath school class (I also pulled out a craft & we did the first part of it, now we're letting the glue dry before we do the next part, and watching Bugtime Adventures (that the girls love!).

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Jessica said...

Yah! I love finding Sabbath keepers that blog!