Sunday, November 22, 2009

And Now to Catch-up

Let's see . . . last weekend we ended up going to my parents. It was a last minute decision, we decided Tues night or Wed morning (don't remember which) to go down there on Thurs. So took some rearranging of our week, but we managed.

The one downside, the big girls had been doing REALLY well at doing their chores without reminders and somehow the trip seems to have messed that up, we've struggled with chores again this week, sigh. But such is life.

My aunt and uncle, and cousin were visiting, which is why we decided to go so close to Thanksgiving. The girls were beyond thrilled to get to see Cousin Dennis! They hadn't seen him since the weekend after Little Bit was born.

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The above is brought to you courtesy of Little Bit, I walked away from the computer for a minute and she decided she had something to say, hee hee.

What else have we been up to?

L has decided that she wants to be called by her full name instead of the nickname we've used since she was born. Which means she is no longer an "L" but now another "A". So, I guess to honor her request, even in cyberland, we will now call L "A1" and A "A2". Or at least I'll try to remember.

We've been busy doing Thanksgiving-y crafts and regular school stuff and playing outside as much as we can while the weather remains so lovely . . .

I was asked to be on the newly formed Investment Committee for the PA Conf of SDA (where hubby works) and the first meeting was last Wed. My plan was just to bring the kids along and the big girls could play in Daddy's office, or the yard outside Daddy's office, or talk to various people at the office while I was in the meeting. But the receptionist/secretary has a daughter a little older than A1 & A2, and she was leaving before I'd be done the meeting, so offered to take them home with her to play with her daughter. A was nervous about it, but agreed, and they had a blast, didn't want to leave when I came to pick them up LOL. Little Bit spent the meeting napping or crawling around under our feet (yes, I warned them before I agreed to be on the committee that baby comes where I go LOL).

In other "we're getting more independent" news, after Sabbath School this week the big girls asked Daddy "where did you go during class?" he said "I went to a grown-up class, you don't need me in here anymore" and they just said "ok" and that was that, so guess they're ok with that now too . . .

Little Bit is a VERY proficient crawler now and she continues to try to let go when she's standing up, she generally plops down or grabs back onto whatever, but still . . . she CAN stand just holding on with one hand, and even just holding onto rather unstable things, like my skirt.

She had a check-up week before last and weighs almost 18 lbs, and is doing everything a 9 mo old should be doing (she'll be 8 mo this next week) except playing pattycake.

She LOVES to eat food. Everything from cheerios to sweet potato fries to guacamole . . .

DH will be changing jobs (but not employers) as of Dec. 1. His new job will include more travel, but hopefully less weekend work. And the overnight travel, we can go with him when we want to. We're looking forward to checking out some new zoos and museums around our state, and surrounding ones and playing in hotel pools.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but that at least gets us relatively up to date.

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