Sunday, November 22, 2009

L's Haircut!!

I'm way behind and need to catch-up, and hopefully WILL, but before I do anything else, I wanted to post about L's haircut! A little background, last SPRING I tried to convince both big girls to let me cut their hair to a little below their shoulders. They have some straggly pieces that are that length from a toddler scissor incident (that conveniently hides well in their curly hair, but still) so I thought it would be cooler for summer and clean up those straggles. Neither of them were open to the idea at that point, but later in the summer L started saying she wanted to cut her hair like I'd suggested. I wanted to do it at my mom's since Mom &/or Grandma have actual hair-cutting scissors and some experience cutting hair, and there's a higher adult to kid ratio when we're there, and we just kept forgetting when we were there to do it. We FINALLY remembered on Sunday night when we were there last weekend, and went ahead & did it. First, here are the before pictures: L's answer to "how long do you want it" was "whatever Mommy wants" and my thought was a little below the shoulder BUT . . . see how that head is tilted for the first cut? Neither Mom nor I noticed that until AFTER the first cut, so we ended up with a little above the shoulder. But it turned out really cute just the same:
She's loving it this length and says she wants to keep it like this, and is thrilled to find that she can brush her own hair and that it doesn't hurt to brush. Daddy's not so sure about it, says she looks much too old this way, hee hee. A isn't real happy because "now we can't trick people", but is also adamant that she wants to keep her hair long for now.

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Anonymous said...

Alexandria, I LOVE your new 'do!