Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little Bit's 1 Year Check up!

I'm SOO behind on posting, life has been hectic AND my computer's acting up, not a good combo for getting things done. Anyway, before I forget the stats . . . Little Bit had her 1 year check-up this past week. The official numbers are:

Weight 20lb 8oz
Height 29"
Head Circ. . . ok, I don't remember this one, but it's roughly in the 97th percentile LOL

All are right in line with her growth curve all along. I LOVE having a dr. who actually uses a breastfed chart, I can remember the big girls being all over the chart because it was a formula fed chart, duh! Now her slowed weight gain is right in line with what is SUPPOSED to happen, what a novel idea . . .

I had to laugh, she has a mole on her leg, that she's had all along, but the doctor noticed it this time (it's kind of in the line of her diaper, and I think depending on the diaper she's wearing, some months the diaper covered it, even when the doctor pulled it down or to the side to check the "diaper area") and I never thought to mention it. Anyway . . . she's not concerned about it, but did want to document it's size for future reference, if needed. So, she pulled out her iphone and took a picture LOL. Gotta love technology :-)

The only other thing the dr. talked about was ticks, since we're going into tick season. So passing along her information . . .

Check daily for ticks, "think like a tick" and check warm, dark, hiding places (creases in the skin, etc) . . . she recommends getting a lighted magnifying glass (like they sell in the map section) to make it easier to check. She also recommends having scotch tape handy, if you do find a tick pull it straight out (do not try to "smother" it with vaseline or burn it or anything, if you "traumatize" the tick it will disgourge it's stomach content into it's victim, increasing the odds of passing on lyme disease, etc) and put it straight onto the scotch tape, and fold the tape around it. Flushing ticks down the toilet is NOT a good idea, they can survive and crawl back up the pipe, eek! But if they're trapped in scotch tape and thrown in the trash, they won't come back to bite again. So, there are the "tick tips" of the season.

Oh, one other tidbit. Talking about Vitamin D supplementation, she said the rule of thumb is, if you can't see your shadow at noon, the sun is strong enough to provide your Vit D needs, just make sure to get 15 min of sun on exposed skin (no window in the way, no sunscreen), if you can see your shadow at noon, then you need to supplement. And of course, when getting Vit D from the sun, be sure not to burn, using multiple shorter time periods if need-be to avoid burning.

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