Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Pictures from Great Falls

So my experiment with blogging from my phone taught me that it works, but not if you have a BUNCH of pictures. I originally included 3 or 4 additional pictures, and it wouldn't publish. Once I deleted all but 2, it published fine. . . so now I know . . . Here are some more pictures from our fun at Great Falls yesterday.

Running on the bridges going out to the falls.

Little Bit chose a spot on the rocks and asked Sissies to sit with her for a picture.

MiniMe was having fun climbing on the rocks.

The big girls found this "hole" in the rocks and wanted a picture of all 3 of them in it, but Little Bit crawled back out every time we tried to take a picture, so we gave up and took a picture of just the big girls. 

Later, when it was HER idea, we got a picture of all 3 of them in the same "hole".

All of the pictures are from the Maryland side of Great Falls. It also includes a small C&O Canal museum. The hike to the falls is pretty long (for people not used to hiking anyway . . . ) but other than a short distance on the canal toe path (which is flat packed earth), it's all paved paths or wood bridges. The rocks the girls are climbing on are surrounded by the wood decking.

After we left the Maryland side, we went to the VA side. The visitor center there deals more with the falls themselves. MiniMe was fascinated with a short video of people kayaking down the falls, she couldn't decide if they were "crazy" or if it "looked really fun" LOL. The falls are much closer on the VA side, but to actually get a good view of them you have to actively climb around on some rocks. No biggie for the big girls, they had great fun, but abit nerve-wracking with an "I do it myself! 3 year old".

So that's my analysis of the 2 sides of the falls LOL.

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