Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - March 20

After all our fun travelling last week, you'd think we'd have a nice quiet week, we did have a nice week, but I don't know about quiet.

One highlight this week was the absolutely GORGEOUS weather pretty much ALL WEEK LONG!!! It meant even boring, run-of-the-mill days were made wonderful with plenty of outdoor playtime. THIS is one of many reasons I love homeschooling!!! While we did some school this week, they still had tons of outside time. We can always sit inside reading books together on rainy days and 102 degree days this summer, one reason we school year round is to be able to take full advantage of beautiful weather when it comes.

Some of our enjoyment of the weather included spending several hours at the park with friends. We brought a picnic lunch and had a lovely time! Little Bit got over her hesitation of swinging on the tire swing, and kept her sisters quite busy pushing her and friends on the tire swing.

Sabbath we celebrated all 3 girls' birthdays. Their actual birthdays are the 26th (Little Bit turns 3) and 28th (twins turn 9), but we've got some travels and such coming up that made it more convenient to celebrate this weekend. Our neighbors/adopted grandparents, Judy & Brian joined us. The girls and I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and, at Little Bit's request, put some of her Schleich animals on top. I actually found one of the "3" candles we used on the big girls' cakes when they turned 3, so we used that for Little Bit's cupcake and got "9" candles for each of the big girls. Judy was my "photographer" during the cake-eating and such so I'll have to get those pictures from her. But I did get a couple pictures of Little Bit enjoying her presents. She's been having so much fun with the Wedgits she got for Christmas that we got her a bigger set, see the huge tower she managed to build with them?

Another big hit was SCISSORS!!! Yes, I may regret this, but I figured better to give her scissors now and teach her to use them safely, and only on paper, instead of waiting and have her get ahold of her sisters' scissors and hurt herself or cut who knows what . . . I'd seen these recommended somewhere, I don't remember where, because they have a little "switch" that can be set so they spring back open after you squeeze them together. That makes it easier for younger children who don't have the motor skills for regular scissors. As she gets older and develops those motor skills, we can flip the switch and she can use them as regular scissors. For now, it's been great. She was immediately able to cut paper and is so proud of herself. I gave her a plastic bowl to cut scraps of paper into and she's been having a ball!

I didn't get pictures, but she's also been thoroughly enjoying the fishing rod Miss Judy gave her, and of course, the candy LOL. Judy also made her an adorable spring jacket that I did get her to try on, but she insisted on taking her dress OFF before she tried her jacket on, so it wasn't exactly a Kodak moment LOL. It's been so warm, she hasn't needed to "really" wear it yet.

Judy made all 3 girls gorgeous reversible aprons. When I get the pictures from her, there's a picture of all 3 girls "modeling" them.

Our main gift to the big girls was a whole stack of "Childhood of Famous American" books for each of them. They sat right down and read all through Little Bit's nap that afternoon LOL. Sassy was excited to get Paul Revere "because I've heard about his adult life over and over, but never about his CHILDHOOD!" And MiniMe is being fascinated by the book about Helen Keller. She'd never heard of her before, but all it took was me telling her that Helen Keller was blind AND deaf and "I guess you'll have to read the book" in answer to her immediate and numerous questions about how she communicated, etc. :)

So that was our week last week, sorry I'm a few days late getting this posted, we've continued to enjoy gorgeous weather and keep busy!

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