Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Little Bit!!!! (and how we spent the rest of our day in DC)

One more post covering yesterday and then I'll stop babbling! Yesterday was Little Bit's 3rd birthday! We celebrated all 3 girls' birthdays on the 17th with Daddy and our neighbors. And we'll celebrate all 3 birthdays with Mama and Papa tomorrow, on the big girls' actual birthday. Yesterday Little Bit got dragged all over creation for her birthday LOL.

But I think she had an ok day overall. She had great fun running around and climbing on rocks at Great Falls (more pictures here).

After we left Great Falls, she napped while we drove to Georgetown for a quick stop at "The Old Stone House" so the big girls could turn in their Rock Creek Junior Ranger books and get their badges. They had done most of the work on Sabbath, but weren't quite done when the Nature Center closed, so they finished up at home and we took it down yesterday. Interesting bit of trivia from The Old Stone House. They had marks on the wall indicating the average height of men and women in colonial times and today, and then the heights of a few famous people. It was interesting to see, visually, how short Martha Washington was and how tall George Washington was. But the one that surprised me was Ben Franklin. I'm not sure why, but I've always pictured him as being on the short side. Not abnormally short, but average or slightly below average for his era. However, based on the marks on the wall, while not nearly as tall as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, he was still taller than average. I'm horrible at remembering numbers, but I think he was shown as being 5'10" which was slightly higher than today's average height for men.

Little Bit continued to sleep while we drove around DC and finally found a parking spot. Our main reason we NEEDED to go down into DC yesterday was to turn in the girls' Junior Ranger books for the Cherry Blossom Festival. This year marks the 100 year anniversary of Japan giving us the cherry trees, so there  is a special Junior Ranger book just for this year's festival. Dad grabbed the books for us while we were at the zoo last week, and the girls did the work at home and while we were driving around on Sabbath. So all we needed to do was turn them in. But that, alone meant a good bit of walking.

Once we did that, we decided to walk another mile or so (thankfully Little Bit is much happier in the stroller than her sisters were. She rode almost the whole way, and MiniMe pushed the stroller almost all of it except when we were crossing streets, I insisted that a grown-up be in charge of the stroller while crossing streets, and in some stretches we were crossing so many streets, that it was easier to just keep pushing than to keep trading back and forth with her) and go to Frozen Yo.
My parents discovered Frozen Yo awhile ago and have taken the big girls a few times, but this was the first time Little Bit or I had been there. It's a frozen yogurt shop with 16 different flavors of yogurt and then a "topping bar" with several different fresh fruits as well as a variety of candy and such. You serve yourself, then pay by weight. We stick with frozen yogurt and fresh fruit. So we declared this Little Bit's birthday dessert. She was pretty ok with that LOL. I had to laugh, as we were standing in line, with me holding my own and Little Bit's and each of the big girls was holding their own, the man behind us in line (a business man getting coffee), noticed and commented on how "healthy" our bowls looked (we all had fruit piled on top, completely covering the frozen yogurt) and that his children would never go for all that fruit LOL.

So after leaving Frozen Yo we began our hike back to the car, with a stop by the Jefferson memorial on our way.

My dad wears a step-counter and based on the number of steps he "logged" yesterday, and the fact that all his walking was essentially with the rest of us, he estimated that we all (except Little Bit) walked about 9 miiles total yesterday (that includes walking out to Great Falls on both sides of the river and all our walking in DC). Not too bad for a couple of almost-9-year-olds!! (or for this out-of-shape Mommy).

So that was how we celebrated Little Bit's actual birthday!!! I still can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that she is THREE already!

Gratituesday: Where We Live

I don't remember to write posts for Gratituesday very often. But yesterday, as we walked around Washington, DC, I was reminded of how blessed we are to live close enough to enjoy our Nation's capital on a regular basis. Washington DC truly is a beautiful city, rich with history.  Yesterday was just about a perfect spring day. Abit breezy, but not unbearably so. Not too hot, not too cold. Bright and sunny! GORGEOUS!! Of course, as I thought about it, and remembered driving around for quite awhile to find a parking spot, and remembered the horrific, though not unexpected, traffic we experienced a few days ago when we took the girls on our "driving tour" of DC. I was also reminded of how blessed we are to not HAVE to go into DC, or any other big city, every day, or even every week. I feel so thankful today to have the opportunity to live in a country setting, but close enough to appreciate many of the great historic landmarks of our country. We live within easy day-trip distance of Philadelphia, New York City, Gettysburg, etc. My parents live within easy day-trip distance of Antietam, Baltimore and Washington DC. We are truly blessed!

More Pictures from Great Falls

So my experiment with blogging from my phone taught me that it works, but not if you have a BUNCH of pictures. I originally included 3 or 4 additional pictures, and it wouldn't publish. Once I deleted all but 2, it published fine. . . so now I know . . . Here are some more pictures from our fun at Great Falls yesterday.

Running on the bridges going out to the falls.

Little Bit chose a spot on the rocks and asked Sissies to sit with her for a picture.

MiniMe was having fun climbing on the rocks.

The big girls found this "hole" in the rocks and wanted a picture of all 3 of them in it, but Little Bit crawled back out every time we tried to take a picture, so we gave up and took a picture of just the big girls. 

Later, when it was HER idea, we got a picture of all 3 of them in the same "hole".

All of the pictures are from the Maryland side of Great Falls. It also includes a small C&O Canal museum. The hike to the falls is pretty long (for people not used to hiking anyway . . . ) but other than a short distance on the canal toe path (which is flat packed earth), it's all paved paths or wood bridges. The rocks the girls are climbing on are surrounded by the wood decking.

After we left the Maryland side, we went to the VA side. The visitor center there deals more with the falls themselves. MiniMe was fascinated with a short video of people kayaking down the falls, she couldn't decide if they were "crazy" or if it "looked really fun" LOL. The falls are much closer on the VA side, but to actually get a good view of them you have to actively climb around on some rocks. No biggie for the big girls, they had great fun, but abit nerve-wracking with an "I do it myself! 3 year old".

So that's my analysis of the 2 sides of the falls LOL.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun at Great Falls

I thought I'd test the blogging app on my phone and share some pictures from our visit to Great Falls today.

It was a gorgeous spring day. Clear and breezy. Breezy enough that we appreciated our jackets (except Mimime she insisted she was warm enough) and when the big girls tried to stand on the rocks the wind almost blew them over.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - March 25

We've had a busy week!

Tuesday we celebrated our friend, E's birthday. His party was at an awesomely fun place called Ballocity. It was a multi-level thing with tons of slides and "obstacle courses" and balls that you could shoot at each other or shoot up into the air or have dump on you. We all had a blast. Since Little Bit is still 2, I was required to stay with her all the time which would have been fine except that pretty much the entire thing is too short to stand up in (well, SHE could stand just fine, me, not-so-much). This has been one of the only places I've been in the past 5 or 6 years (since I started wearing skirts and dresses all the time), that I REALLY wished I was wearing pants. Crawling in a skirt gets old fast! And there was tons of crawling up and down ramps and such too. My legs HURT the next day! Which means it was great exercise!! LOL.

Wednesday the girls and I headed to Mama and Papa's house. The girls were anxious to see how their playhouse was progressing, and were thrilled to see so much progress! The outside of the playhouse is pretty much done. As a point of reference, the building on the left is my parents' house, the building behind the playhouse is the garage. There's a deck that comes off the house and the playhouse is attached to the deck, and at deck-level with storage underneath.
The playhouse itself has the main floor that's the full size of the playhouse, then a ladder up to a half-size second floor, with a door out onto the playhouse deck. The other half is a "loft" that they can climb into from the 2nd floor.  The arm coming off the deck is a new addition and Papa isn't telling them what it's going to be until their birthday (on the 28th).  It's going to be a climbing thing and swings, shhhhh . . . don't tell!

We've even been doing school in the playhouse some days. Of course when I agreed to that I assumed we could do school on the main floor, but once we got out there the girls insisted that it was more fun if they could sit in the loft to do their school, which, of course, meant I got to climb up that ladder, with the school books, but they had fun. They've also taken their independent school work out to the playhouse, apparently it's much more fun to learn about the continents and oceans when sitting on a hard wood floor with a ceiling right above your head. Call me crazy, but I think the nice comfortable sofa or recliner in the living room, or even the kitchen chairs, would be a better choice. But I've been accused before of not having a sense of adventure.

The days we've stayed at Mama & Papa's house the girls have also kept busy helping and playing. Some things they've found to do include raking leaves:
 Hauling the wheelbarrows-full of leaves to the leaf pile.
 Mixing concrete for that mystery addition to the playhouse.

Little Bit had been having fun riding bikes. We had a couple different "bikes" stored in the garage at Mama and Papa's, so Little Bit now has 2 "new to her" bikes to play with. I'm hoping before we go home, she'll decide which one she likes better and we can take ONE bike home.I'm pretty sure we won't have room to take both of them home with us, plus we need one bike to stay at Mama and Papa's house for when we visit here again.

 And finally, a picture that I just thought was too cute to not include. She was just running across the yard but I somehow managed to catch her "mid-stride".

Friday we went to the National Zoo. One reason I for sure wanted to go to the National Zoo THIS trip is because I much prefer the National Zoo (with it's steep hills and not a ton of shade) when it's not too hot. But I think we failed . . . it was HOT even though it was only March. Oh well, we had a good time anyway. The lions were the most active I've ever seen them. The male lion even roared for us, which was pretty cool!

Little Bit's favorites seemed to be some turtles that lived in the  water in the Lemur cage. She insisted that baby turtles are called "cubs" and nothing I said would change her mind. She would happily have stayed there watching them most of the day LOL.

On a not so great note, last summer when we were going to Erie, PA and wanted to go to the zoo there, I checked reciprocal lists and confirmed, based on what's listed on the website, that Erie Zoo's membership was reciprocal with the National Zoo (I also checked several other zoos that we like to visit whenever we can). The National Zoo is listed on Erie's reciprocal list. Since the only "charge" at the National Zoo is for parking ($22/car!!!!!), I think it was a logical assumption on my part that this was what the reciprocal membership was referring to. That said, I *do* typically confirm, upon arrival to a place, that the reciprocal arrangement is still in effect. But the zoo parking is set up such that there wasn't anyone TO check with. When we left, we were informed that "the reciprocal arrangement is only for admission" so we were stuck paying the parking fee. Note that the National Zoo does not HAVE an admission  fee, only the exorbitant (IMO) parking fee. So, as far as I'm concerned, it is blatant false advertising on the part of both zoos, to have the National Zoo listed on Erie's reciprocal zoo list (yes, I will be e-mailing both zoos about this as well).

Sabbath was rainy, and cooler. We wanted to at least SEE the cherry blossoms since they're in bloom, but weren't sure we wanted to brave the crowds OR the rain, by actually getting out and walking around down there. So, since another thing we wanted to do this trip was drive around Washington to see some of the places mentioned in a recent read-aloud Washington Adventure, set in the "Federal City" as it was being built in 1800. While we were in the area we also stopped by Pierce Mill, and the Rock Creek Nature Center. Once we got to the Nature Center, we were busy for the rest of our day. Little Bit happily spent her afternoon playing in the sand (that is designed to "hunt for" plaster footprints, she just had fun playing in the sand), doing puzzles,
and looking at the exhibits. The big girls worked on their Junior Ranger for Rock Creek, and then we went to the Planetarium show. It was pretty cool, was talking about the current night sky, and then took us on a "trip" to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.

So that's been our week. The girls and I are at Mama and Papa's for a few more days, so I'm sure we'll get lots more adventures in before we head home.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - March 20

After all our fun travelling last week, you'd think we'd have a nice quiet week, we did have a nice week, but I don't know about quiet.

One highlight this week was the absolutely GORGEOUS weather pretty much ALL WEEK LONG!!! It meant even boring, run-of-the-mill days were made wonderful with plenty of outdoor playtime. THIS is one of many reasons I love homeschooling!!! While we did some school this week, they still had tons of outside time. We can always sit inside reading books together on rainy days and 102 degree days this summer, one reason we school year round is to be able to take full advantage of beautiful weather when it comes.

Some of our enjoyment of the weather included spending several hours at the park with friends. We brought a picnic lunch and had a lovely time! Little Bit got over her hesitation of swinging on the tire swing, and kept her sisters quite busy pushing her and friends on the tire swing.

Sabbath we celebrated all 3 girls' birthdays. Their actual birthdays are the 26th (Little Bit turns 3) and 28th (twins turn 9), but we've got some travels and such coming up that made it more convenient to celebrate this weekend. Our neighbors/adopted grandparents, Judy & Brian joined us. The girls and I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and, at Little Bit's request, put some of her Schleich animals on top. I actually found one of the "3" candles we used on the big girls' cakes when they turned 3, so we used that for Little Bit's cupcake and got "9" candles for each of the big girls. Judy was my "photographer" during the cake-eating and such so I'll have to get those pictures from her. But I did get a couple pictures of Little Bit enjoying her presents. She's been having so much fun with the Wedgits she got for Christmas that we got her a bigger set, see the huge tower she managed to build with them?

Another big hit was SCISSORS!!! Yes, I may regret this, but I figured better to give her scissors now and teach her to use them safely, and only on paper, instead of waiting and have her get ahold of her sisters' scissors and hurt herself or cut who knows what . . . I'd seen these recommended somewhere, I don't remember where, because they have a little "switch" that can be set so they spring back open after you squeeze them together. That makes it easier for younger children who don't have the motor skills for regular scissors. As she gets older and develops those motor skills, we can flip the switch and she can use them as regular scissors. For now, it's been great. She was immediately able to cut paper and is so proud of herself. I gave her a plastic bowl to cut scraps of paper into and she's been having a ball!

I didn't get pictures, but she's also been thoroughly enjoying the fishing rod Miss Judy gave her, and of course, the candy LOL. Judy also made her an adorable spring jacket that I did get her to try on, but she insisted on taking her dress OFF before she tried her jacket on, so it wasn't exactly a Kodak moment LOL. It's been so warm, she hasn't needed to "really" wear it yet.

Judy made all 3 girls gorgeous reversible aprons. When I get the pictures from her, there's a picture of all 3 girls "modeling" them.

Our main gift to the big girls was a whole stack of "Childhood of Famous American" books for each of them. They sat right down and read all through Little Bit's nap that afternoon LOL. Sassy was excited to get Paul Revere "because I've heard about his adult life over and over, but never about his CHILDHOOD!" And MiniMe is being fascinated by the book about Helen Keller. She'd never heard of her before, but all it took was me telling her that Helen Keller was blind AND deaf and "I guess you'll have to read the book" in answer to her immediate and numerous questions about how she communicated, etc. :)

So that was our week last week, sorry I'm a few days late getting this posted, we've continued to enjoy gorgeous weather and keep busy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review and GIVEAWAY: The Woodcarver DVD

Giveaway is now closed! Congratluations to #6, HillaryM!

We were thrilled to get to review The Woodcarver from Faith & Family Films.

This is a movie about a teenage boy who's family is falling apart and he acts out by vandalizing the church, including the gorgeous hand-carved woodwork. He is required to help the woodcarver, who is questioning his own faith, after losing his wife to cancer, re-make the woodwork. In the process, both the woodcarver and the boy learn to trust in God.

I really enjoyed this movie. It is uplifting and entertaining. It keeps moving and kept my attention, which is saying something, I tend to get bored with movies pretty easily LOL. I like reading, I can read as fast as I want, skimming over details I don't care about.  It's also clean, teaches about loving and following God without being "preachy", and something that I can watch with my children, which is getting harder and harder to find as they get older and aren't interested in "little kid" videos as much anymore.

If you're looking for a good family movie night video, I recommend this one!

And the best part, I get to giveaway a copy of this DVD to one of my readers, woo-hoo!!!

To enter just leave a comment on this post before 11pm on March 20. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win. Open to those with US addresses.

 “Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it 
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally 
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance 
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the 
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up - March 11

Did you think I disappeared again? I kind of did! We were traveling around western Pennsylvania with my husband this past week, so my online time was limited.

We were rather frustrated to find that many of the interesting sounding museums and other educational things in that area are only open from May - September (give or take a month). I told Rodney to please plan his trips accordingly in the future LOL. However, we had a good trip in spite of not being able to visit some of the places we'd hoped to visit.

We enjoyed swimming at the hotel pools. In the past, Little Bit has needed to "re-learn" to use her arm floaties since we go several months between trips. But this time she walked right down the steps into the pool and took off. It even worked ok for me to just sit and watch, and work on e-mails part of the time, woo-hoo! Which also made it easier to snap a few pictures of them having fun together.

I'd heard that the Creamery at Penn State has awesome ice cream, so we stopped by there while we were nearby. I must say that offering a child's size would be appreciated. They were HUGE scoops! And of course what's the fun of a shop with a big selection of flavors if everyone doesn't get their own? So even Little Bit got her own, huge, bowl of ice cream. It was yummy!

One place that WAS open was Fort Necessity. And God blessed us with absolutely gorgeous weather the day that Rodney was working near Fort Necessity!  We packed a picnic lunch and made a day of it! The girls earned their Junior Ranger for Fort Necessity, we hiked to the fort (though I didn't get any pictures at the fort,  I was busy trying to make sure that Little Bit didn't get in TOO much mud since anywhere that wasn't paved was pretty soggy. The girls (and I) had a hard time believing that the fort was really so small! I can't imagine!

The visitor center included a lovely "interactive playground" that teaches children about the fort and history surrounding it while also letting them get their wiggles out. Since it was such a lovely day, we spent a LONG time at the playground. Especially since the playground equipment included a "covered wagon" and "fort" perfect "props" for Sassy and MiniMe's imaginative play! I think they travelled on wagon trains and fought in wars and who knows what all else while we were there.  We also had some fun with the picture-taking-props at the playground.  I'd like to introduce . . . the Tavern Keeper's family

British/American soldiers:

French and Indian Soldiers:

The Tavern, and second battle field (something-or-other Glen) were closed for the winter, so we'll have to go back again in the summer, but we enjoyed what we were able to see. We also stopped by General Braddock's grave.

The day Rodney was in Erie, we weren't as lucky with weather. We'd hoped to go to the zoo, but it was rainy and icky. Rodney wasn't sure how long he'd be and I didn't want to pay for us to go to a museum, if we weren't going to be there very long (we have a membership to the zoo, so don't have to worry about "getting our money's worth" in one visit there). It worked out ok though. We dropped him at the church, then went to a grocery store since the hotel we were in for those last few days only had "diet" yogurt. Little Bit had enjoyed having yogurt for breakfast at the previous hotel, and was disappointed when I said she couldn't have the yogurt at this hotel (the white flour, corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors that are pretty much unavoidable at hotel breakfasts are bad enough, I'd had good intentions to at least bring along homemade granola to have some of the days, but ran out of time to get it made before our trip, but I draw the line at artificial sweeteners!). So with a rainy icky day to kill, too far from the hotel to go back there, I figured we'd get her some acceptable yogurt. By the time we were done at the grocery store it was lunchtime so we went to Taco Bell, then Little Bit watched Leapfrog on the car DVD player while the big girls read books for history (we're learning about Lewis & Clark and there were a TON of recommended books for this section so they had plenty to keep them busy on this trip LOL). By the time the Leapfrog video was done Little Bit was ready for a nap so she took her nap while the big girls and I listened to Jonathan Park Adventures.

After Little Bit's nap we went to another favorite place in Erie . . . KRISPY KREME!!!!! Yum!!!  Little Bit was very impressed LOL. Once we had consumed our sugar quota for the next six months, we headed back to the church and just hung out there, more reading time for the big girls, for the last little while until Rodney was ready to go.

So, those are highlights of our week of traveling with Rodney. I have to say, all three girls are awesome travelers! And adapt quite well to the variety of hotel rooms.

The previous week was consumed in changing the 0-4 year old room at church from a Forest into an Ocean scene. The big girls were amazing helpers! And Little Bit was wonderful at self-entertaining with her little bag of toys that we brought along. It took us parts of several days because I wasn't sure what all we'd need so we did what we could, then had to go back to the dollar store before we could finish. Then we did a "test run" of the program and discovered a few other changes that we made. But I was very happy with how it all turned out. Here's a quick picture I snapped before we started the program last Sabbath.

And just because she's soo cute, here's a picture I snapped of Little Bit before she woke up nice sunny one morning. Doesn't she look angelic? Yes she should be freezing to death, but she INSISTS on taking her nightgown or pajamas off before she actually goes to bed, and somehow never seems to be too cold, so we go with it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Williamsburg - Day 4 & 5

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about the rest of our week in Williamsburg didn't you? I didn't, I've just been busy. We spent a good part of the week turning Little Bit's classroom at church into an ocean. I'm happy with the way it turned out, and happy with what good helpers Sassy and MiniMe were, and how well Little Bit self-entertained while we were there.

So now, back to Williamsburg.  Day 4 . . . my parents didn't come with us that day, so I spent more time with Little Bit, which meant less pictures of what the big girls were doing. We started our day at the Wheelwright's shop. Next Daddy took the big girls to a speech by "Patrick Henry". I wasn't sure how it was going to go, it wasn't marked on the schedule as being kid-friendly BUT the week before Williamsburg we'd been listening to, and thoroughly enjoying Uncle Rick Reads Patrick Henry -- Firebrand of the Revolution, so they liked the idea of hearing Patrick Henry even after I warned them that it wasn't "for kids". So, Rodney took the big girls to that and Little Bit and I found a nice shady tree to sit under and read stories together and play with Littlest Petshop toys and play on my phone. When Rodney and the girls met back up with us, he said it would've been over their heads if we hadn't just listened to the book, but since we had, they enjoyed it, and explained things to Daddy on the walk back LOL.

Next we peaked into the Presbyterian Meeting House. There wasn't anyone there (someone told me later that there's supposed to be a recording in there, but it doesn't always work. So instead the girls had great fun  having their own meeting.  MiniMe was the preacher and Sassy was the congregation LOL.

After that we headed over to the Joiners. I honestly didn't have the foggiest idea what a "joiner" is. When we went in, and they were making a cupboard, the girls, logically, asked what made a "joiner" different from the cabinet maker. For those who wonder, it's the quality of the wood. Cabinetmakers made fancy furniture using fancy woods like Mahogany. Joiners made functional furniture using easy to obtain woods like pine. Joiners also do the trimwork and such on buildings.

The girls proceeded to ask a million and one questions while yet another AWESOME employee patiently answered them all and even seemed to enjoy it!

Since the weather report was saying rain the next day, my goal for Day 4 was to hit as many "small" shops and tours as possible and save a couple longer tours for the rainy day. So we did things like visiting Greenow's Store and then headed over to tour the Getty House. As we were leaving the Getty House the tour guide mentioned that one of her co-workers was on the palace green with hoops and sticks, so of COURSE we headed over there. Sassy has her own hoop and stick that she got when we were in Williamsburg a couple years ago, so she had to show off her skills. And MiniMe worked on her own skills. Little Bit was napping when we first started playing with the hoops, but she woke up soon after. She decided a much better way to play with the hoop was to have me roll it and she'd run after it. All 3 of them were well occupied for quite some time that way.

Day 5, I ended up not taking any pictures. As I mentioned above, rain was in the forecast. Rodney suggested that he and Little Bit stay at the condo that day. It worked well. He got an exciting day playing with wood animals, and Littlest Petshop toys, and watching Dora and Leapfrog, we were able to navigate the rain much more easily without a stroller to worry about. Knowing the rain was coming, I'd also planned for a few longer tours that day, which also worked well. We started our day by going to the art museum for a hands-on class about theorem art. We took some time to look around the museum as well while we were there. And the "hospital" (insane asylum) that was attached to the museum.

After that we headed to Bassett Hall. In all our other trips to Williamsburg we hadn't made it to Bassett Hall. Partially because there's not really anything on the map telling me what it IS. It's off away from the main "town"  and is just marked as "Bassett Hall" with no indication of what it's significance is. So, this year I asked someone. It's the house that the Rockefellers bought, renovated, and lived in while overseeing the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg. It includes a small museum and film about how the restoration came about, and what was involved. And then the house is decorated the way Mrs. Rockefeller decorated it when they lived there. It was a change from colonial decor, but very interesting.

When we left Bassett Hall, we stopped back by the Joiners (we were walking by it, and Papa hadn't seen it the day before). When we came out, it had started raining. The coffee house was just down the street, and had a covered porch so we decided, in the hopes that it would be a short rainstorm, to go there, we could sit on the covered porch while we waited for our tour, then take the tour again (did I mention it was one of our favorites LOL). It was still raining when we came out of the coffee house, so we just dealt with getting wet (Papa had an umbrella, Mama had a windbreaker-type jacket and I had anoraks for the girls. I had a jacket, and it wasn't super cold or raining real hard. It reminded me of the rain we got alot in TN where I went to college, and I quickly decided, while a student there, that for a light rain like that, it was easier to just get wet than have to mess with an umbrella, so I didn't really notice this rain either).  We were glad, however, to time it just right to be able to go straight into the Randolph House for that tour (no covered porch to sit under for that one). It's a big house, and a long tour, made longer, this time, because they had been cooking in the kitchen and the woman there was happy to answer the girls' questions. So we ended up staying there quite awhile.  When we came out it was still raining, harder, and we decided to call it a day (if the weather had been nice we probably would have re-visited one or two of the girls' favorite shops, but not worth it when it's rainy and icky and we'd seen everything on our list).

We got back to the condo to find out from Little Bit that "I got ice cream!!!!!!!" Rodney said he told her that if she took a nap, they could go get ice cream, so she laid right down on the bed beside him and they both took a nap. He said when she woke up she literally sat up and said "ice cream!" LOL. So they went and got ice cream.

We had one more day in Williamsburg . . . our day to visit Jamestown . . .