Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of August 24

I'm behind posting this week's wrap-up . . . not sure where the last few days have gone!

The first few days of the week were pretty "routine". You can see an example of it in my "day in the life" post.

We've been getting school done and the girls have been doing lots of scootering.

Mid-week, my parents came up to see us. There are a few house projects that we're hoping to have my parents help us with before winter, so they came up to at least get a start on things.

Little Bit was super excited to get to spend time with Mama after not seeing them all summer because of her schedule and ours.

We finished off our week with a night of grilling. The weather was AMAZING! Cool, not too humid, just perfect! And very not "end-of-August like". Lexie's our supper cook right now and she decided she wanted to grill eggplant. So we went to the farmers market and got eggplant! It turned out pretty good. They grilled circles of eggplant and she made a fresh tomato and avocado salad, Lexie was quite proud of herself and wanted me to "take a picture for your blog" LOL.

On a side note, much as I tend to not like plastic in my kitchen, I was so excited to find bpa free, PRETTY, plastic plates, bowls and tumblers on clearance at Five Below a couple weeks ago. They all fit neatly in a big white basket (you can kind of see it behind Lexie's head in the picture. And when we want to grill we can just carry the basket out and be ready to go instead of making umpteen trips with dishes. AND while all the girls have always been great about being careful with glass dishes, it does give me peace of mind to not have to worry about a plate being dropped or a mason jar (our every day glasses) getting kicked over and breaking, on the driveway.

Speaking of "the blog", I had to laugh. Little Bit was playing with the iPad and took a picture of something and said "this is great! I have to blog about it!" I about died!

And to finish up this post, a gratuitous picture of the girls loving on Moccasin, the cat:

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