Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up For the Week of October 26

Where HAS this fall gone? I'm having a hard time accepting that it's November already! On a positive note, we've had tons of gorgeous weather, for which I'm sooo thankful!

We began our week with my parents visiting to continue helping with home improvement projects. A fun project was some shelves in my kitchen. The previous owners had renovated the kitchen including specifically building in the cabinets to work with their oversized fridge. Our fridge isn't oversized, so it left a weird space beside the fridge visible. Dad cut shelves to fit and painted them black and spaced them to hold mason jars. YAY! I love it!!!!

Later in the week, the girls and I took a field trip to Landis Valley Museum. I've been wanting to take them pretty much since we moved to Pennsylvania (yes, that was 6 1/2 years ago!) and FINALLY did it. We had a gorgeous, not too cold, fall day. The "museum" is a series of buildings, depicting life for the Pennsylvania Germans in the 1800s. Some buildings had interpreters in them explaining trades, etc. Others, you could just peak in and see a still-life of what life was like.

The kitchen was one of my favorites, the women there was making cinnamon rolls in a dutch oven with coals on top. She said it bakes in about the same time as a modern oven.  The girls were also interested to hear that she generally takes the food she makes home for her family to eat. Since she'd made cinnamon rolls and shoo fly pie that day, my girls were wishing they lived at her house LOL.

One of the buildings that didn't have an interpreter in it that day was the schoolhouse. However, as we were looking through the glass windows, an employee came to check on something and said we were welcome to come in and look around the schoolroom itself while she was in there. The girls got to sit in the desks, which were obviously REAL desks, complete with various initials and such carved in them. We were definitely lucky to be there at just the right time, it made it a much more interesting part of our day than just looking through the windows.

The rest of our week was normal stuff. We continue to try to soak up the outdoors as much as possible while the weather is good. Ashlyn was asking me, recently how far through Bible Road Trip we are, and I realized that we're on week 14 of I think 32 weeks for this school year, so we're pretty close to being on-track. I may go ahead and set it aside and focus on an Advent and/or Hanukkah Bible study in December, yay!

Since we school year-round, as long as we finish by June or July, ready to dive into Year 3 for next school year.

History continues to be a fun journey through the Middle Ages. I have to admit, I'm learning as much as the girls are. I'm pretty sure the history classes I took only spent a few days on this whole time period.

Both Lexie and Ashlyn are moving through Life of Fred (math) at pretty good speed. They are into the "middle school" books now and are finding them more challenging, and, much to their disappointment, the story part is shorter an there are more problems. But they continue to move through it at a steady pace.

We're still working on finishing off the final pieces of winter wardrobes, so we stopped at Goodwill this week an Lexie actually found a SKIRT she liked. She hasn't voluntarily worn a skirt (as opposed to dresses) since she was Little Bit's age! But she found the skirt and loved it, so then she needed a shirt, to go with it and found the pink one and loved it. So she was all excited about it and wanted me to take her picture. And since I was taking HER picture, Ashlyn couldn't be left out so I took her picture too. Can you believe how GROWN UP my babies are getting?!

And speaking of my babies . . . I can't forget this picture of Little Bit! She came down from the school room like this and told me she's a 3-eyed monster. She found the googly eye and used her glue stick to stick it to her forehead LOL. But isn't she a cute little 3-eyed monster?

You can see snippits of our Saturday in my last post. It was a fun, busy day with church, lunch, and then helping prepare candy canes to pass out at a parade in a few weeks.

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