Monday, February 9, 2015

Wrapping Up the First Week of February

You already got a glimpse (or several) of our first week in the First Day post.

On Tuesday, my parents came up between snow storms to help with a few quick projects around here. In addition to the planned projects, Dad brought some lights he'd gotten at Costco. They look like the long, skinny florescent "shop lights" that are common in garages and basements, but they're actually LED, so they use less electricity, and turn on instantly instead of having to warm up. AND can just be plugged into a regular electrical outlet. Dad put a couple in our basement (and we plan to put some in the garage next summer). But then we had the brainstorm to put one in the girls' bedroom. When we moved in, the upstairs bedrooms each had just a small sconce type light, right by the door. It's ok on sunny days, but they're pretty dark if there isn't good sun coming in the windows. Last fall Dad put overhead lights in the school room and it's LOVELY. We'd like to do the same thing in the girls' room, but that's more complicated. Our long-term plans include putting an addition on the house that will include a new bedroom for the girls, and will turn their current room into a hallway, and storage space. So . . . we need to think through the new addition enough to know exactly which part of their room will be the hallway so that the overhead lights will work as hallway lights later, and that hasn't happened yet.

The girls are very NOT impressed with the aesthetics of having a "shop light" in their room, but it gives them awesome light and, because it didn't require running any wiring, we don't have to worry about where the hallway will go. So for now, at least their room isn't a cave, YAY!!

As part of the launch team for Motivate Your Child, I needed to post a "selfie" on facebook. Little Bit saw me trying to take a decent selfie, and photobombed it, which made it a MUCH cuter selfie :)

Then she decided we needed to also take a picture with her needle felted gnome that her sisters made for her a while back, so we got another cute picture :)

Wednesday evening, we went to Bible study group. It works out well, the kids all had a blast playing in the basement with their friends :)

Ashlyn was looking over my shoulder and saw the selfies with Little Bit, and was feeling left out, so we had to do a selfie together too.

Otherwise, a pretty quiet week. School, cooking . . .

I'm not sure what got Little Bit on a "gymnastics" kick, but she decided that our "guest bed" made a perfect gymnastics mat. So there have been countless somersaults performed this week. I figure it's a good way to get wiggles out while it's still bitterly cold outside, so for the time being the school room floor is taken up by the mattress being folded out flat.

I'll leave you with a picture of Joy (Little Bit's cat) looking out the front windows at all the snow . . .

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