Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wrapping Up the Week of February 8

I just have to say . . . IT IS COLD OUT!!!! I don't mind winter, but I do NOT like it THIS COLD!!!

Anyway . . . On Sunday, we went to Little Bit's friend, K's sixth birthday party. It was at the YMCA, so a great chance to get some exercise when it's too cold to enjoy being outside.  Lexie and Ashlyn spent their times helping to watch a friend's 3 year old (much to their delight).

And as a final fun part of the day, the "goodie bags" after the party included gift cards for YoGoCrazy (frozen yogurt place. Sooo much better than a goody bag full of cheap toys!

Other than the party, we didn't have much "extra" going on this week (NICE!) so I had some extra time to spend FINALLY getting the girls' room finished up. When Ashlyn set up her "nook", she'd piled the stuff that had accumulated under the sewing table in the middle of the room. A few times I'd asked all 3 girls to work on going through/putting away that stuff, and they had . . . but there was still a pretty big pile there AND a major factor in rearranging Lexie and Little Bit's part of the room was moving the bed, which meant not only cleaning the main floor space, but also under the bed, and the mountain of stuffed animals that lived behind the bed. But after a day or so, the end was in sight. . . we all worked together on it, and got their room rearranged!!!

I didn't think to take "before" pictures, but here's the finished product:

 Standing in the doorway, looking into the room. The white bookcases were the foot (now the head) of the bed. Since it's winter and frigid, we keep the insulated curtains closed pretty much all the time. Last year my dad painted, and put shelving in the closet so we could use the space more efficiently. The striped curtain that you can barely see in the bottom right corner is the beginning of Ashlyn's nook. And, as you can see in the mirror, there's a bookcase/toy shelf next to the door.
And the left side of the room. Dresser is to the left of the door. The little door on the side wall goes into the storage/attic space. Lexie is thrilled to have a place to leave her music stand set up.

Wednesday, on our way to Bible study, we just HAD to use those YoGoCrazy gift cards, so despite the frigid temperatures, we enjoyed some frozen yogurt (and lots of yummy fruit!!).  
Thursday is normally music lessons but conveniently, it worked better for both our schedule AND their teacher's schedule to do music lessons on Wednesday this week. Plus when we arranged it, the weather report was calling for snow on Thursday. Ended up not getting much snow, but was nice to hibernate anyway :)

And we ended up doing some extra hibernating on Sabbath. The weather report was . . . ambiguous on when/how much/if we'd get snow, so since we didn't have any commitments at church this week, we snuggled in and watched Veggie Tales videos with the kids, then watched the church service on the live stream :) 

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