Monday, April 27, 2015

Wrapping Up the Week of April 19

We started our week with a great day at the ballpark! We went to our local city's baseball game with a bunch of friends from church. Instead of normal seats, our tickets were in an area with picnic tables and an included buffet. Definitely the way for this non-sports-person (and her equally non-sports-daughters) to enjoy a baseball game! We all had a blast, visiting with friends and cheering when the home team did something exciting :)

For the most part we had a pretty quiet week. I like quiet weeks.

After a few weeks' "break" from our weekly small group Bible study it was nice to get back into it. The kids had great fun making up a play about Samson and performing it for us at the end of Bible study (it had nothing to do with our actual Bible study, they declared the story of Jesus healing the blind men to not have enough exciting action, so they hunted up their own Bible story to perform).

For some reason spring had decided to go back into hiding and we've had COLD weather, so less outside time, but still trying to grab little bits of it.

The big girls and I are all doing some extra thinking and discussion on school plans for next year, since the homeschool convention is coming up in May.

We wrapped up our final week of Bible Road Trip, Year 2. . . after some contemplation, I decided to go ahead and dive straight into Year 3, which should put us finishing it well before the end of next school year. I think what we'll do is evaluate how much time we have and then choose something else to do for Bible for the rest of that year, starting over with Year 1 at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Nice to feel "ahead of the game" when usually we take forever to finish anything.  I have a really long list of Bible resources that I'd like to try, so I'm going to set aside my "must plan everything out NOW" tendency and just wait until we're most of the way through Year 3 and I have a feel for how much time we'll have, and where Little Bit is developmentally at that point.

Ashlyn informed me this week that she doesn't want to continue using Life of Fred for math. She's become increasingly frustrated that it just doesn't go into enough details on WHY things work the way they work and she feels like it doesn't give enough practice on new concepts for her to really internalize them. So, we spent some time looking at other options. I think we're leaning toward Teaching Textbooks. We have friends who use it, who we'll be seeing right before homeschool convention so she's planning to talk to them and make sure it's what she wants to use.

We wrapped up our week with abit of fun. Our neighbors got a new puppy on Friday, so after lunch on Sabbath we went over to visit. She's an itty bitty (relatively speaking) 8 week old standard poodle. Still such a baby, the kids would take her outside for a little while to play, and then she'd be tired again and happily curled up on laps and slept while we talked, and the younger kids played.

And that was our nice quiet week :)

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