Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wrapping Up the Last Few Weeks . . .

Wow! I haven't been keeping up well, have I?

Let's see . . . I think we need to go back to the last week of March.

I honestly have no recollection of what we did Sun-Tues of that week. I think we were just getting settled back in after being gone, and getting ready for birthdays . . .

Wednesday and Thursday were both pretty filled with Little Bit's Birthday

Friday was probably errands and such, and Sabbath started with Lexie and Ashlyn's Birthday, and finished with my grandmother's memorial.

Sunday we spent time at my parents' house with extended family who were still there. When I was a young adult, I gave each of my grandparents a blank journal and a jar of questions about their life. Over the next few years they answered the questions in the journals, leaving us with books that tell stories from their lives. My mom had the books out getting information for the memorial service so Lexie and Aunt Darla spent Sunday afternoon reading through part of Grandpa's book together.

We were planning to head home that afternoon, but Rodney met a client first, and that took longer than expected, so we ended up heading home Monday morning.

That week was spent with Lexie, Ashlyn, and me fighting colds (Little Bit had it over the weekend, then we got it), and getting food and house ready for Passover AND a belated birthday celebration with the grandparents.

Friday night marked the beginning of Passover with our Seder. I somehow didn't think to get any pictures, but it was fun to see Lina getting into it abit more. . .

Sabbath was potluck.

Sunday was our birthday celebration with the grandparents. That morning Lexie and Little Bit decorated Little Bit's cake. They put green (grass) and blue (water) frosting on it, with cookie crumb "sand" in between and then Little Bit carefully placed plastic animals in just the right pattern.

Lexie finally got to try a "recipe" she's been wanting to use for a long time . . . a pasta salad bar. Where she set out cold pasta and all different "fixings" and dressings for pasta salad and let everyone mix their own. It was an AWESOME idea! A wonderful, easy, adaptable to all different likes/dislikes meal.

Monday was GORGEOUS weather, and we got tons done outside, clearing out weeds and getting a start on raised beds for a garden this summer. SO nice to be outside finally!

Later in the week was rainy. I pulled out a recipe for "goop" to give Little Bit a fun change of pace . . . she wasn't so sure about it . . . ewww . . .this is gross!!! But she played with it off and on all day LOL.
We wrapped up our week with "Jeans Sabbath", including helping kids at the Boys and Girls Club do crafts, then playing outside, and in the gym with them.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but those are at least a few highlights from the last few weeks :) 

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