Sunday, July 31, 2016

Playing Catch-up . . . the Last 10 Days of June

Wow! I'm even farther behind than usual! It's summer. We're having fun. I'm obviously not finding time to blog . . . but here are at least some highlights from the last part of June.

One thing that our old house didn't have, until a few months before we moved, was an outdoor water faucet. So we couldn't do much with wading pools and such. And the house before that was on such a steep hill that it was challenging as well. When we moved to this house, tucked away in the attic of our old house, I found a wading pool that we'd gotten at some point. So we set it up, and Little Bit got Lexie to spray her with the hose next to the pool LOL.

At co-op, while Little Bit played with her friends, and Lexie played with the baby. Ashlyn spent a day cuddling with one of her favorite dogs (the big brown one) who had been sick for a couple months, and passed away the next week.

We spent an evening at a watershed awareness fair. The highlight was free ice cream!  But Little Bit also had fun helping to paint a rain barrel, and throwing water balloons :) It was a fun evening all around.

 We decided the wading pool from the attic wasn't big enough around, AND blowing it up was more trouble than it was worth, so got a bigger wading pool that doesn't have to be inflated and deflated. Little Bit's been having great fun with it this summer :)

In June we still had the kittens with us (a couple weeks ago, they went to their new home). I'll try not to bore you with TOO many pictures of them but they were soo sweet, and cute, and continued to love to be cuddled. When they got tired and wanted to sleep they'd climb the sofa, or my skirt and curl up in our laps and fall asleep.

They also got to be SO playful!They'd chase each other and tumble over and over. Tracy (the mama cat) seemed to enjoy it as much as the kittens. The kittens thought the other cats should play too, but they mostly just looked at the kittens as if they were crazy, and then walked away.

For some reason, Zwei was fascinated with attacking shoes, especially Crocs. It was so funny watching him attack it and tumble over and over with it.

Little Bit is getting more into school, and one fun thing we've been doing is Gnumber Gnomes stories. In addition to enjoying the stories, and drawing pictures of them, and the math concepts they introduce, she enjoys playing with our math gnomes and their "jewels" and telling her own stories or re-telling the Gnumber Gnome stories.

Little Bit is also enjoying lots of  "art", including making her own "4th of July" shirt. I love how it turned out :)

In addition to liking to curl up in our laps, or together in their box, the kittens also continued to think they were parrots and perch on our shoulders.

One of the Amish markets that I've always loved, but didn't get to very often when we lived farther away, is only about 20 min. from here, so we're able to go more often. Near the end of June they have an "anniversary" celebration that includes samples, sales, and a free petting zoo. Conveniently, at least this year, it also coincided with them getting cases of blueberries in, so we could go enjoy the petting zoo and pick up our year's supply of blueberries at the same time! I still had some in the freezer from last year, so only got one case this year. We ate a bunch of them fresh, Lexie made homemade blueberry jam with some of them, and we froze the rest.

At the petting zoo, Little Bit was thrilled to see ring tailed lemurs (we couldn't pet those. But the rest of us were most excited about meeting a Zebu. We might have spent the rest of the day singing the Veggie Tales Zebu song LOL.

The library's summer reading program, was just the incentive Little Bit needed to pull out her easy reader books and get back to trying to read them.

I love this picture of her and Lexie reading together in bed at bedtime.

And that is June . . . I'll try to get caught up on July before August is over :)

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