Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wrapping Up the First Half of July . . .

More catch-up . . . when the weather cooperates, we've been meeting homeschool friends at a park on Fridays. The teenagers tend to do things like play board games. I think Lexie and Ashlyn's favorite has been Harry Potter Trivia. While the rest of the kids play on the playgrounds. Little Bit loves playgrounds, but complains that her sisters won't play with her, so having other kids to play with is PERFECT!!!

I kind of went overboard on kitten pictures the first part of July. They were such a fun age, and we had to take lots of pictures before they left. So now you'll just have to humor me while I share some of those pictures :)

We got to take care of Maggie the dog for a week. On the day that her owners brought her to us, we had the wading pool set up, so all the kids, and Maggie, had fun in the pool. Though the younger kids didn't like having Maggie in the pool, so most of her pool time came after the rest of the kids went home.

But she enjoyed plenty of pool time with Little Bit while she was staying with us. I'm pretty sure she figured nothing could be better than getting to play frisbee and jump into the pool to cool off every time she brought the frisbee back.

Needless to say, Ashlyn was happy to have "her Maggie" back with us. And Maggie was happy to make herself at home on Ashlyn's bed again :)

At church, we've started having the 4-6 yr old class combine with the 7-10 yr old class for song service a couple times a month. I love all the energy when all the kids are enthusiastically "Makin' Melodies" :)


Tracy (the mama cat) has always been a "people cat", in fact, that's what made her not a very good mama cat, she'd rather be with people than with her kittens when they were little. Once they were big enough to play with her, she seemed to like them better. And when they left, she obviously missed them AND apparently thought we must miss them too, so she decided she should comfort us, and/or herself, by spending as much time as possible in our laps. I don't mind that so much, but waking me up in the middle of the night to rub against my face doesn't go over so well LOL.

One day when we were all busy with other things, Little Bit kept wanting us to play Uno with her. Finally she gave up on us, and decided to play Uno with her stuffed monkey :) 

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