Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last Week

Ok, I'm horribly horribly behind, what can I say . . . I don't even have any good excuse LOL.

So anyway . . . last week:

We spent Monday coming home from my parents and getting re-settled in here.

Tuesday: w/ a threat of snow & ice for the rest of the week, we spent Tuesday running any & all necessary errands for the week so we didn't have to worry about going out in the ice and snow.

We DID get the promised snow/ice on Wed, but it was a total bust for playing in it :( Snow, with a 1/4" crust of ice on top. With our hills, the ice made it too slick/dangerous for sledding (at least for 5 yr olds, and 30-week pregnant women) and you can't do much in the way of snowmen & such w/ the ice in the way either. The girls played outside one day (Thurs? maybe) but only for 20 min or so before they came back in.

I had ANOTHER stomach bug Thurs night (or more of the same, but that would be weird, almost a week later?), so I spent Fri laying around for the most part. The girls watched lots of tv that day LOL. We'd been invited to the pastor's house for dinner Sabbath, and I'd said I'd bring cookies, which I'd planned to bake, with the girls, on Fri, but since I had zero energy, hubby agreed to make the cookies w/ the girls once he got home from work.

The girls LOVED making cookies with Daddy. He is much more mess tollerant than I am (perhaps because I generally get clean-up duty either way LOL). And was more willing to let them do the measuring & such.

By Sabbath morning I was feeling mostly human again, so we went ahead as planned with church (very good sermon (guest speaker) but we didn't get out until 1:00, AND the whole sermon included a powerpoint thingy so the lights were out which meant the girls couldn't do their puzzles and such that they'd brought to keep them quietly occupied during church). Then we went to the pastor's house for dinner, along with another couple (the wife works with dh). The girls were the only kids there & were perfectly happy to have so many adults to themselves. They really bonded with Tami (dh's co-worker), spent a good part of the afternoon both of them curled up on her lap getting her to tell them stories. They also got Pastor Mike to show them one of his guitar-type instruments (I don't think it was an actual guitar, but wasn't paying enough attention to hear what it was called) and he let them strum it while he did the cords (which was still very interesting "music" since they were BOTH strumming lol). It was a nice afternoon & evening, we were there until bedtime.

At some point Sabbath afternoon, Tami heard that dh would be working all day Sunday, so she suggested that the girl & I come to a baby shower that she & our neighbor, Judy (also a church member) were hosting (at Judy's). I didn't know the guest of honor (and have since found out she generally attends a church plant in our area, which is why I hadn't noticed another pregnant woman at church LOL), but decided to go ahead and go. The girls thought it was pretty cool that we could WALK to the shower LOL. They were the only kids there, but had great fun playing with Judy's dog, Murphy (I think they thoroughly wore him out LOL). And Amy (that the shower was for), was sweet enough to let the girls "help" her by taking the gifts after she opened them and put them off to the side. It was nice to get to know alot of the women from church a little bit more.

My energy still isn't back up to par (don't know if it's the stomach bug, lingering, or just 3rd trimester in general, but I have NO stamina!) so that pretty much wore me out for the day.

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