Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Week's Wrap-Up

We had MORE snow last week, and finally some decent playing in snow, so the girls had fun outside quite abit.

Beyond that,we pretty much kept on keeping on.

They came into the kitchen while I was making sourdough bread I've been thinking that it would be a good project for them to learn how to measure dry ingredients properly, since accurate measuring really doesn't matter, you just keep adding flour till it's the right consistency. So when they came in & were interested in what I was doing, I suggested that next time I made bread, they could do it. I assume they'll get tired & want me to do some (most?) of the kneading, but other then that, they can pretty much do it all. They were very excited when I let them put the bread pans in the (cool) oven, cover them w/ the towel, and then, once the bread had raised, they took the towel off & turned the oven on.

In other "I can do it myself" news, it occurred to me that the only reason A can't pour the vinegar into the washing machine (fabric softener dispenser) is because I buy vinegar in gallon jugs which are too heavy/awkward for her to pour. So last week at the grocery store I bought a small (quart maybe?) bottle of vinegar, she's loving that she can pour it herself & when it's empty I'll just refill it from the gallon jug. We're also about one load away from being out of the liquid detergent I've been using, so on this week's agenda is to make laundry soap which again, she'll be able to measure into the machine on her own. At that point, I THINK I'll be able to just send her down to start the laundry all on her own :)

Thursday we also introduced a new character chart from Heavenly Homemakers. The girls are enjoying having me "catch them being good" and getting to add 'tators to their fields.

This week we'll be starting a new science unit (which we haven't done since we finished the Solar System unit a few months ago) I got the rough outline from the Adventist Home Educator's ebook, and am adapting as needed based on what resources we have, I'm also switching up the order we'll study systems, to hit the reproductive system earlier to make sure we get to it prior to baby's birth (since that's one of the main reasons I'm wanting to do a unit on anatomy right now).

We're also starting a new unit for Bible. Last Sabbath (a week ago) in Sabbath School, the teachers introduced us to a new song, written by our pastor and his wife, that is the Beatitudes set to music. They also let me borrow, and copy, the CD of the song so the girls could work on learning it (since it's alot of words for kids who are still essentially pre-reader), so, starting last week we've been listening to the song each morning as part of Bible time and attempting to sing through it once. As I was looking through my Bible files to decide what to do as we finished up the Thanks & Giving Copywork book, I found a Beatitudes lapbook and thought that would tie in well with learning the song. I'm going to expand on it abit and each day we'll discuss one verse & they will do copywork for that verse, then we'll staple the stack of copywork pages into the lapbook when we're done.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

You've got me thinking. I've got a house full of bulk size stuff too. I end up doing things because they can't lift the heavy stuff. Smaller sizes makes it easier for the kiddos to help out.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I wrote down your recipe, and am nearly out of my box of detergent, and ready to go... but I simply have not been able to find washing soda... what stores do you find it at? Our local wal-mart just looked at me like I had holes in my head (and, heck, I live in so. cal, so doing something so environmentally sound qualifies me)... thanks!

Sweetpeas said...

Ann, I KNOW I don't know WHY it took me so long to think of such a simple solution to let her help more.

Jennifer, both Washing Soda & Borax should be in the laundry aisle at most grocery stores (& I would think Walmart or drug stores too). It (at least the Arm & Hammer brand) has the same general "look" as the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda box, but it's bigger than your typical Baking soda.