Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Behind Again

These last couple weeks have been CRAZY! Week before last was Campmeeting, where Adventists from all over our state (and some from surrounding states since not all conferences have campmeeting anymore) can gather for a week of meetings, and fellowship. It's about 45 min from our house, and I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to camp up there all week with the kids (hubby needed to work all week so he couldn't be up there) and was planning to just take them up for some of the meetings, some days, but the big girls begged to go to ALL their meetings, they were afraid they might miss something, so we spent all day every day up there. It re-confirmed that I'm not cut out to be a working (outside the home) mom, getting us all up and dressed and out of the house, with lunch packed by 9:30 every day, and not getting home till near bedtime exhausted me LOL.

But the girls had a BLAST at campmeeting. They went to their meetings and between meetings they played on the swings & in the sand (there's a sand volleyball court there that the littler kids take over as a huge sandbox during campmeeting), made friends, bothered people at Locating (the office where people can go to find out information about meetings, etc. It's staffed by Daddy's co-workers all week, so the girls had fun visiting with their "grown-up friends" there, and "helping" LOL), ate lunch (we packed picnics most days, but bought lunch at the snack bar a couple of days), etc. Rodney was working late every night, so we'd stop by his office for a little while on the way home in the evenings. Little Bit did well hanging out in a sling or wrap most of the time. She wanted to be facing out anytime she was awake (and not nursing) though, so she could "talk" to everyone we met LOL.

So that was an exahausting, but fun week. We all managed to catch colds though, so last week instead of catching up on stuff around the house, we laid low and worked on getting over our colds. Thankfully Little Bit was just a little congested, never got really sick.

And now we're down at my parents' for the weekend. They had a membership to the Baltimore Aquarium that expires the end of June, so we wanted to go one last time for this membership. We went down on Friday afternoon (it's open later on Fridays, and much less crowded). The big girls found a volunteer to answer their questions and probably would have stayed there all night if we hadn't told them they needed to let other people ask questions LOL.

The girls have had fun helping Papa on the roof again this trip (he's almost done re-shingling the whole thing).

We spent this afternoon at my friend, Vicki's house. She has 2 girls, a 3 yr old and a 7 mo old (give or take, babies grow up way too fast) so all our girls had fun together. Though the babies are still abit young to "play together" they did grin at each other for awhile LOL. The 3 big girls had fun in the wading pool (or more accurately emptying the wading pool . . . they decided to make "Mr. Ron" (Vicki's husband, who was at work this afternoon) think it had rained by making the entire deck and surrounding area wet), on the new swing set, playing hide-and-seek, and playing school.

And now A&L are back up on the roof. We'll head home, after a stop to visit another friend, tomorrow, and then hopefully have an uneventful week at home getting the house back together, and just enjoying being home!

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