Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Hectic Week

We got home from my parents on Monday and then Tuesday morning hubby's boss (and technically mine too) called and said he was ready to work with me on the combined financials that I'd agreed to help with, and that it needed to be done asap. So . . . I packed up the kids and we headed in to the office. Tues-Fri I worked a total of 16+ hrs!!! Am getting a couple days of guilt-free "break" from it now while I wait for information I need from others, and then once I get that information I THINK will only take a few more hours and I'll be DONE!! The girls all did AWESOME with being stuck at the office so much this week. Thankfully there were people there willing to let the big girls chatter at them, and when weather was nice, the big girls could play in the yard right outside Daddy's office windows. Little Bit nursed/napped in the sling, sat on my lap, or kept Daddy (or others) from working. Finally on Fri. we got her to nap in the portable swing for awhile (the office is closed on Fri so we were the only ones there, and the big girls were playing outside, during the week she'd be almost asleep and someone would come in and talk to her LOL).

So all things considered, it's gone EXCEPTIONALLY well, and while it's been kinda fun to pull together a financial stmt again, and prove to myself that my brain really does still work for such things, I'm ready to wrap it up and go back to being "just" a mom.

We visited Grandmom (hubby's mom) yesterday afternoon. The weather was GORGEOUS so the big girls played outside and the rest of us hung out on the porch. On our way home last night we happened to be coming through town the little town closest to us) just as they were getting ready to start their fireworks, so we stopped in the Aldi's parking lot (it's at the top of a hill where the view is good, and while still congested, was less congested than trying to get downtown) and sat on the grass and watched the fireworks. The girls enjoyed it, and since Little Bit had just slept most of the 2 hr drive home from Grandmom's, she was awake and "watched" some of it too.

I was hoping the late night (it was probably around 10:45 when the girls went to bed) would equate to sleeping in this morning, but no such luck, A was in our room at7am on the dot (7am is the earliest she can wake me up), she cuddled with me and talked for a little while until Little Bit woke up, then I brought them downstairs. L slept for a little while longer but not late at all considering her late bedtime.

This morning hubby's back at the office (working w/o his kids & wife around to distract him for a change LOL) and the girls and I went to the farmer's market, and now we're back home. I'm feelign pretty accomplished, I got the diapers washed & on the line before we left this morning and when I got home, I'd misplaced my debit card (knew it was in the car, just couldn't find it) and the car was a DISASTER after all our busy weeks (it got super messy during campmeeting week since we were gone for hte day every day, each morning I'd throw things in htat we MIGHT need, then we'd get home and Little Bit would be fussy & I'd be tired and I'd never make it out to bring in what we didn't need, and it's just gotten messier since . . .) so I took advantage of Little Bit being happy "talking" to the "baby in the mirror" while in her carseat and managed to get the car at least semi-cleaned out except for the area around the big girls' seats (they sit on the 3rd row seat of hte minivan and their floor and the seat between them is COVERED with trash and toys, that'll have to wait for anohter day, or I'll get them to do it) so feeling better about that (and yes, I did find my debit card in the process).

School's taken a back burner during all of this. We did manage to do Bible one day this past week (Tues morning before Mo called and asked me to come in), but that's been it. Of course one time when I went to make sure the girls' weren't bothering other people TOO much at the office I found a secretary teaching them all about galaxies and such, so they were still learning even if I was too busy LOL.

One thing that HAS to be a priority this week is gathering up the horribly overdue library books and get them back to the library or renewed and figure out what, if anything, more we want to do going forward with our current history studies . . . I think I might just abandon the "curriculum" and go through the rest of the American Girl books to give them a taste of "more modern" American History and call it good for this year, just because right now spending time outside is better & I have other things planned for next year (which I'll probably try to have ready to start in Aug . . . or whenever we decide we want to start), more on that in a bit.

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