Thursday, February 11, 2010

And Still MORE Snow . . .

We had MORE snow Tuesday night and all day yesterday! I think we probably got another 20" give or take! There is a LOT of snow out there!!!

I finally got around to bundling Little Bit up and letting her at least sit in the snow for a few minutes.

After the weekend snow the big girls dug a "snow castle" (tunnels and such) through the pile the snowplow left at the end of the driveway, here they are this morning trying to re-discover their snow castle, that second "snowpile" on the right side of the picture is actually our Saturn.

The icicles out our upstairs, bathroom window. The ones on the front of the house got enough sun on Sun-Tues to fall off, but this side is shaded so they just keep growing, they're now longer than the window is tall.
Our super-snowy horizon!

And those 2 "snowdrifts" are the 2 minivans. Hubby has since at least semi-dug mine out, can't do too much until the snowplow decides to come clear our driveway though.

And that's what we've been up to LOL. It snowed ALL DAY yesterday. Hubby was able to work from home, the girls & I did school and chores and they played and I worked on organizing the homeschool bookshelves (more on that in abit). In honor of all our snow we did a mini-unit on snow for our nature time, including seeing some really cool online pictures of real snowflakes under a microscope, they are SO PRETTY!!! They seriously look like they're made of crystal! God is amazing!!!! We also, OF COURSE had to have snow ice cream, and plenty of hot chocolate. While I was organizing the homeschool shelves the girls re-discovered the Disney Princess coloring posters that my aunt & uncle gave them when Little Bit was born, so they've been enjoying coloring those yesterday and today.


marci said...

Looks like a "bundle" of snow fun. Those icicles are awesome. What great experiences.
{me--from ahe}

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

That's a lot of snow!!