Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We enjoyed a week of no new snow, whew! And Daddy working at home (the big girls especially appreciate not having to go grocery shopping with me when Daddy's home).

We're working on reviewing a firefighter unit study for TOS Magazine so we've added that to our normal schoolwork, the girls are enjoying learning about firefighting and robots and such.

Little Bit is expanding her climbing skills. She's decided it's great fun to stand backwards in the child-size rocking chair and make it rock, she finds it highly insulting that Mommy doesn't allow this! We'd also used a chair from our child-size table to block the space between the recliner and the end table beside it (because she likes to go behind the recliner and poke her fingers in the electrical outlet back there) and she was very excited to figure out to climb up onto that chair which gave her unlimited access to all the treasures on that end table (the chair is still being used to block that area but it's now turned around so she can't get to the seat part LOL). One day this week I brought her feeding seat (that straps onto a regular chair) and set it on the floor in the family room so she could eat a messy snack (I don't remember what) along with her sisters. Later that day she figured out to use the seat to climb up onto our oversized ottoman and was happily sitting on the tray there . . . so the climbing is well underway. I suspect this is the child that I will someday find perched on top of the refrigerator LOL.

Friday night I'd finished Little Bit's bath and Daddy had taken her back downstairs while we continued with the big girl baths (I read to them while they take their baths) all of a sudden the bathroom door slowly pushed open (it was shut, but not latched because it's an old doorknob and tends to stick) and there was Little Bit. DH said she climbed all the way up the stairs (with him behind her in case she fell) and walked down the hall to the bathroom to find her sisters. She was so proud of herself, hee hee. And promptly threw a stuffed toy in the bathtub, sigh . . .

While we didn't get any new snow (except for a dusting Tues. night), we still have plenty of white stuff out there, so the big girls have continued to enjoy playing in the snow, lots of fresh air & exercise, always a good thing!

Mid-week, Miss Tami from our church e-mailed me and asked if the big girls would be willing to tell the children's story at church this week. Tami was scheduled, but wouldn't be there so needed to find a replacement. So, the girls & I went searching through Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories for a good story. We found one, they practiced it, and they did a lovely job of telling the children's story this week. After church we stopped to talk a few minutes with the people who were running the sound system this week, and the girls started asking how it all worked, they got quite an extensive lesson on the running of our church's AV equipment LOL.

We've been enjoying watches bits and pieces of the Olympics this week. The girls are learning to recognize the US flag more easily, and in true girl fashion, enjoy the figure skating but (in non-typical girl fashion) think the skaters really ought to be more modest.

A2 has been "writing songs" I love seeing how she sounds out the words, and the ideas she comes up with. I think my favorite is one where she talks about how she can use all her senses for Jesus . . . I can use my eyes to see Jesus, I can use my ears to hear Jesus . . . etc.

Today begins a couple busy weeks that includes me having a wisdom tooth removed, and us traveling some with Daddy. . . hopefully we can keep up with everything :)

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