Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gratituesday: Cell Phones!

When we moved to PA (almost 2 years ago now), we decided since we both had cell phones and generally used them rather than a home phone anyway, we wouldn't bother getting a home phone. And that worked wonderfully, until about a year and a half ago when Rodney's phone was stolen. He never took the time and spent the money to get a new phone. Which had it's moments of frustration but since he was pretty much always at work it wasn't a HUGE deal. I could call him at work, and if he was at home chances were he was working (or playing) on the computer so I could instant message him. So, while I randomly reminded him that it would be helpful if he'd get a new phone, it wasn't an end of the world kind of thing. Then, just as he was actually to the point where he'd picked out a phone and was all set to get it, his job changed. And with that job change, 2 things happened. First, the new job with came LOTS of travel, both multi-day trips (that we generally go with him on) and day jobs. So that whole "just call him at the office" ceased to be an option most of the time, as did Instant Messaging. Second, BECAUSE he travels so much, he gets a work cell phone, which is great but instead of moving forward to get the new phone on our current plan, it meant taking the time to jump through the hoops to get one through his office. So . . . for the past 2 months (give or take) we have been sharing my phone! Which has been challenging . . . it's been a daily (sometimes hourly) thing of who needs the phone right now. Not in the sense that we fight over it or anything, just a matter of who needs to make calls or whatever.

Finally TODAY hubby got his new phone! He picked it up at the office, dropped my phone off at home (he'd been going to have it today), and headed out to meet with a treasurer. It was SO nice to have him call when he was on his way home! And for that matter, earlier in the evening, he needed some information from me, he tried IM'ing me but I was busy with the girls and wasn't at my computer, so he could actually CALL me! That's been the big frustration, no matter who had the phone we couldn't call each other because ONE of us was always without a phone.

So, while I know that people have survived for thousands of years without cell phones (and w/o ANY phone for that matter), and I survived the first 20-some years of MY life without a cell phone, tonight, I am very thankful for cell phones! Especially with all the variables of dh's job, us each having a cell phone will make the logistics of our life so much easier!

Last month we spent a week in Philadelphia while dh was working down there, but he was at different people's houses different days, he ended up borrowing their phones to call me when he needed to, but it would have so much less stressful to me (yes, I like to plan everything down to the smallest detail) if he'd had a phone so I could just touch base with him and see when he wanted me to pick him up or whatever . . . Now we'll have that again, woo-h00!!!

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