Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Bit-ese

Most of Little Bit's chatter is still Greek to me, but she's starting to say a few distinguishable words, so thought I'd share some here so I don't forget . . .

"mama" means several things, including Mommy (me), Mama (my mom), and nursing. But, perhaps the least intuitive meaning is "book".  One of her favorite books is a cute little board book called Mama Mama and I assume that's why she now says "mama" when she wants us to read any book to her.

"ba ba ba ba" means ball

"mmmmm" means kiss me (another book she likes is a Kindermusik one called Rhythm of My Day and when it talks about "Mommy kisses me goodnight" she holds her face up to me and says "mmmmm" and wants a kiss. Also when we go upstairs to tell the big girls goodnight, she holds her face up to them and says "mmmmm" to get/give goodnight kisses to them. SOOO cute!!

She says "appa" and does the sign for apple

Much to Daddy's delight she says Dadda.

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but at least I got a few written down before she outgrows them and I forget.

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Jennifer said...

We have the same rhythm of my day book and both of my daughters (3 & 1) love it.