Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We "took the week off" from school this past week. We got home from our trip, had just finished our Polished Cornerstones study, it seemed like a good time to take a break before we jumped into the new fall curriculum plans. So, we had an exciting week of catching up on laundry and such instead, hee hee.

That said, it was a good week. The weather was, overall, pretty nice for August, so the big girls spent alot of time outside.

The extra laundry led to us going outside early in the day, and the big girls watched Little Bit, which is good for all 3 of them.  So that will be carried over into our new daily schedule.

The big girls used some of their extra time to write a "puppet show" and plan it all out, they performed it for me today. Very cute.

One of the evenings we went for a walk, we walked around the "circle" of road near our house twice, which is equivalent to about 1/2 mile, and Little Bit walked the WHOLE way!! It's all up & down hills too.

It seems like I'm forgetting some things we did, but oh well . . . it was a quiet week, I LIKE quiet weeks.

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