Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We've had another busy week!

On Monday, we visited Grandmom (my mother-in-law). The big girls had fun helping her fix lunch and talking her ear off. Little Bit enjoyed climbing on the coffee table and THROUGH the coffee table and seeing how many things she could find to touch that she wasn't supposed to touch LOL.

Tuesday the girls and I visited our neighbor/adopted grandma for lunch. When she set a bowl of chocolate pudding and a spoon in front of Little Bit I cringed (to say the least) but Little Bit did surprisingly well with it. Pudding is apparently a good consistency for learning spoon skills, because it sticks to the spoon pretty well, LOL.

Wednesday we went to Sesame Place and took Daddy with us (first time in a couple years, at least, that he's come with us). Since it's unlikely that we'll make it to Sesame Place again this summer, they especially wanted to go one last time to 2 of the activities that are for ages 7 and under (since they'll be too old next year). One's a climbing mountain thing, which they did when we first got there, but the line to the other one (Ernie's Bed bounce, basically a big moon-bounce) was long, so we said we'd come back later. However, when we DID come back, the girls were at the very front of the line, ready to go in the next time, when it started raining and they had to close the attraction because it gets slippery. The girls were sad, especially since "we can go next time" didn't apply in this case, but held it together, they're growing up!  I also got a kick out of Little Bit at the parade. Friendly as she is with strangers, she wasn't so sure about the dressed up characters. So she'd wave to them as they walked by BUT if they came toward her, she'd quickly stop waving and pull back against Daddy, it was SOO cute, wish I could have gotten a picture, but as usual, people who didn't get to the parade route early seemed to think they had the right to push in front of those of us who DID, so I didn't have a clear shot of Little Bit and/or was being jostled by people who had literally pushed between our stroller and me (another lady tried to push between A2 and me, but I guess thought better of that).

Thursday (I TOLD you it was a busy week), the girls and I packed up and headed to my parents' for a long weekend. On our way down, we stopped at my friend, Kim's house to pick up some things she had for me, and spent a great afternoon visiting (well, Kim and I visited, all the kids played). When we lived in MD, Kim and I both got raw milk from the same farm so we took turns going to the farm to get it, and then got together weekly to deliver milk, so we've all missed being able to get together regularly since we moved. It was fun to see Little Bit and Kim's youngest (who's 2) interact since they don't see each other often. They did pretty well, both "shared" when needed.

Friday morning, we went to my grandparents' house (they live on the same property as my parents) and the girls had fun in the garden. Little Bit was napping part of the time, but I guess the big girls were good help picking and husking corn, as well as picking (and eating LOL) raspberries and blackberries and cherry tomatoes. When Little Bit woke up, I took her out there too, and she was happy to eat all the blackberries I was willing to pick for her. I tried letting her pick her own cherry tomatoes, but she tended to squeeze just abit too hard and squirt them everywhere.

Friday afternoon we visited some friends from Frederick (where we used to live). The kids hadn't seen each other since we moved (over 2 years ago). It took them a little while to warm up, but soon they were off running and playing just like old times.

Sabbath morning A1 wasn't feeling good, so she & I stayed home while A2 and Little Bit went to Sabbath School with Mama & Papa. We'd planned to go to Antietam Battlefield in the afternoon (during some of our endless driving recently, we listened to the Your Story Hour CDs about Robert E. Lee which includes an account of the battle of Antietam, so the girls wanted to see the "Bloody Lane" for themselves while we were nearby), but combination of it being HOT out and A1 still not feeling quite 100% (though I think she was FINE, she was just enjoying the extra attention of being "sick" and A2 was having fun being her (very bossy) "nurse"). So we just stayed home and let them play.

And that was our week!! Our busyness continues, with visits to other MD/WV friends on Sun. and Mon. (and possibly Tues. morning) before heading home Tues.

Despite all the busyness, we managed to "do school" on Sun. and Tues, as well as listen to Pathway of the Pioneers (Bible class) CDs, during some of our driving. We also listened to Your Story Hour, which gave us some history and such (as mentioned above), and Bible in Living Sound CDs (and Bible stories are ALWAYS a good thing!).  We've also been having fun with a math game we were sent to review.

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