Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Homeschool Edition

The next Blog Cruise (will be posted on Tuesday) is perhaps my favorite topic yet. The suggested topic is to ask our KIDS the following questions and see what they have to say. Unfortunately Little Bit doesn't talk yet, because I suspect she'd have some great answers, hee hee. But I did ask the big girls (separately). Their answers weren't as LONG as I expected, considering how much they chatter, but that's ok.

A1's answers are in red
A2's answers are in purple

Why does your family Homeschool?

Cause we like it.

We homeschool so you can help us, and we can spend time with our family and have school when we go on trips. And skip school when we need to. And it's shorter so we have more play time. And we can go on our own family field trips and be a family more often.

What is your favorite part of homeschooling?

Stories, actually everything  but writing.

When we get to color pictures 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

A preschool teacher

A Mommy, ONLY a Mommy.

From their responses to the "favorite part" question, it occurs to me that, when they think of homeschool as only being the "sit on the sofa and talk about stuff" part of our day, not all the travel and cooking and listening to CDs in the car and playing outside and . . . but I guess that's ok, hee hee.

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Rhonda @ Preparation Education said...

That's awesome! I think I'll ask my kids the same questions. I want to see what all they count as school too!!