Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - December 12

Well, *I* had a quieter week last week, but the big girls were busy LOL.

They were at my parents' house for our anniversary & my parents kept them busy!!  They went to the train museum in Baltimore, the Holiday lights display at Brookside Gardens, took Metro into Washington DC and went to Union Station, the office of the Mint (or something like that, something to do with the US Mint anyway), and were planning to see the National Christmas tree and all the state trees, but discovered that they hadn't been lit yet, were scheduled to be lit, this weekend I think? Seemed late . . . but oh well. They did see the National Menorah, and the trees were in the process of being decorated. Went to several favorite restaurants, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some things.

My uncle was there (at my grandparents')  for the weekend too, so they got to spend time with him as well.

Little Bit and I enjoyed a quiet first half of our week, at home. Just hanging out. Then on Wednesday we headed down to my parents' to pick up the big girls. Little Bit did great on the drive down. She slept the first couple hours, and when she woke up, she told me she needed to go potty & then held it until I could stop at a gas station (it was bitterly cold so I didn't want to have to potty her in the car if I could help it), went potty, then we got back in the car and she ate snacks the rest of the way. She's still rear-facing in her carseat (I figure its safe AND when the big girls are with us, she's as happy or happier rear-facing because that means she can see both sisters, whereas if I turned her around, one of them would be behind her), but she figured out and would sign what she wanted  (water, cracker, or "fish" (for goldfish crackers) in the mirror on her seat, then reach her hand back over her head so that I could hand it to her, it worked pretty well (but is certainly easier when she has a sister sitting right next to her to "hear" her and give her what she wants).

Once we got to Mom & Dad's we spent the afternoon just hanging out with them, and that evening, went to a small, local (free) drive-thru lights display. Mom & Dad had taken the girls another night, but they (the girls) had wanted to go again and thought Lina would like it too.  She did :o)

Thursday we came home. I've been struggling with finding an inexpensive/free not-time intensive, overview of World History for the girls this year, and finally had found that our library has the Story of the World CDs. I'd reserved the first set, and they came in while the girls were gone, so we started listening to them on our way home. The girls enjoyed them, so I think this will work well for us.

Earlier in the week, I'd found out that our neighbor, Judy, was watching the girls' friend, L, after school that week, so we'd talked about getting the kids together once my girls were home. So before we came home, I talked to the girls about it and told them that on Friday we could either go up to Judy's house or have L come to our house BUT if they wanted L to come to our house, then when we got home on Thursday they'd have to buckle down and get their room cleaned up. They wanted to be able to show L their cats, and various toys, so decided to clean their room (I did point out that, if they chose to go to Judy's we'd be cleaning their room THIS WEEK, because it needed cleaned regardless). There was some initial whining, but in the end, we got their room and the upstairs hall and bathroom cleaned that afternoon. And got a good start on the main floor on Friday morning (I gave them the choice of spending the morning doing extra copywork, or helping me clean LOL).

And they had a fun afternoon playing with L, while Little Bit and I visited with Judy. Little Bit was thrilled to have a new "audience" to show her books and puzzles to.

While they had a blast at their grandparents' and all the other "fun stuff" we've done in the last 6 months, I think they (especially A2) are as ready as I am to just STAY HOME for awhile!

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